How to help someone who is under stress

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to help someone who is under stress

If you are lucky enough to manage your stress so that it brings you benefits instead of controlling your life, then you will be in luck because it will mean that you can take advantage of extreme situations without feeling anxiety, discomfort or running the risk of falling ill because negative feelings take over your body and your mind. And that's cause for celebration! But it is very likely that the people around you do not have the same luck.

It is possible that among your family or friends there is someone who is currently suffering stress and what is worse that they do not know how to handle it to be well. Even if you do not suffer from it now, if you have ever suffered from it or have had transitory stages of stress, it is very likely that you know how unpleasant and distressing this feeling can be. For this reason with this article I want to give you some strategies so that you can helping someone who is under stress.

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  1. Share feelings but don't compare
  2. Have a listening attitude
  3. Encourage him
  4. Make him see clear

Share feelings but don't compare.

If you see that the person is suffering from stress, allow him to share her feelings with you and do not judge or compare him, simply let it vent but not only in the episode of acute stress, but also when you have calmed down. In this way the person can feel calmer and it is also a call for mutual help in the most difficult moments.

Have a listening attitude.

It is important that offer your listening because although you would like to help in some other way it will surely be difficult or impossible and you will not be able to eliminate the problem or solve it. But the simple fact that the person feels you next to him and that you hug him when he needs it will have more benefits for him than you can imagine.

How to Help Someone Who Is Stressed - Have a Listening Attitude

Encourage him.

A person with stress needs encouragement and emotional supportFor this reason it is appropriate and if possible organize activities to disconnect a little and have fun. At the same time and during the day to day, give him your encouragement, make him see his personal and professional achievements and above all give him support in his efforts to advance so that he sees that they are not in vain.

Make him see clear.

When the person you want to help has moments of confusion and he is not able to see things clearly, then you should help him by being a little (but not always) the spokesperson for her thoughts so that he / she is able to see things with greater sharpness.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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