What is the ALMA in psychology

  • Jul 26, 2021
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What is the soul in psychology

The soul in psychology is what the discipline addresses in its daily work. Unraveling the psychological, emotional and social aspects that have deprived man of living in peace with his soul is the objective that should ethically move any psychological action. But what exactly is the soul of the people? Where is? There are different types? What relationship does it have with other concepts such as spirit or consciousness?

From Psychology-Online, we are going to expose in the following article the concept of the human soul and the difference between soul and spirit to understand what is the soul in psychology. We will also address the way to heal the soul to end by talking about the thought of the soul.

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  1. What is the soul of a person
  2. Difference between soul and spirit
  3. How to heal the soul
  4. What is the thought of the soul

What is the soul of a person.

The soul of a person constitutes the very essence of the human being. It corresponds to

the real being and it manifests through his body. When a person is born, and during the first years of life, his soul manifests itself directly and clearly through his body, oblivious to all social conditioning. Over time, interaction with the environment leads him to acquire learning and to adapt to his environment, being many of those conditioning opposed to the dictates of his soul and this being, therefore, silenced and relegated to the unconscious.

Psychology could be defined as the study of the human soul insofar as its primary objective is to find out what psychological and emotional aspects have led people to hurt his soul and, with it, to become ill. In reality, any manifestation of psychological or emotional symptoms (even many of the physical symptoms), supposes the evidence of attitudes, thoughts or behaviors contrary to the needs of the soul that end up hurting the body, the physical manifestation of our to be.

Difference between soul and spirit.

The soul is the vital manifestation of any living being. The spirit, for its part, constitutes the energy or life force that pushes the soul in one direction or another to achieve their goals.

According to some ancient spiritual traditions and philosophers like PlatoSouls are divine and immortal and come to earth to fulfill a purpose. It happens, however, that when they arrive in the world they forget that destination and the voice of their soul is silenced. It will be in the course of his days on earth that the soul will give signals with the aim of "awakening" the sleeping consciousness and, with it, to be able to fulfill its purpose. According to this approach, a large part of the elements that this world offers have the objective of keeping the voice of our conscience.

With regard to the spirit, some of these spiritual traditions indicate that there are two spiritual forces, the of the light and that of the darkness. Life on earth occurs through a struggle between these two spiritual forces. In addition, particularly within each person there is this spiritual struggle between good and evil. As these ancient cultures indicate, our purpose in this world is to free ourselves from the spiritual force of evil that does not belong to us, while the human soul is, in essence, pure and kind.

How to heal the soul.

From a psychological point of view, as we just discussed, the wounds of the soul human beings manifest themselves through a great variety of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

All of them are consequences of a disrespectful treatment of the human soul that usually occurs in a normalized way in this world from the moment of conception. The causes of soul wounds are:

  • Stressful or toxic pregnancies.
  • Premature or traumatic deliveries.
  • Hinder the primary mother-baby bond and breastfeeding.
  • Disrespectful parenting (the result, in most cases, of childhood deficiencies in parents or educators and, on the other hand, excessive and irrational social demands on these).
  • Rigid formal education.
  • Demanding institutions and social systems with little attention to human needs.

As a result of all this, the human soul, which is born free and pure, is contaminated and forced to silence its voice. Under these conditions, it is very difficult for the person to fulfill her life purpose.

In order to heal the soul human will be necessary become aware of everything that happened in our own life, which has led us to disconnect from our own voice and personal guidance. The analytical review of our life journey, the acceptance of what was lived, the listens of our true being and the awareness of our real potential (and divine according to Plato) will allow us to heal our soul.

What is the thought of the soul.

The thought of the soul is the voice of our authentic being. It corresponds to the voice of our heart, or what we commonly come to call intuition or conscience. This thought, always and at all times, tells us what is perfect for us. Unlike this voice, mental chatter is governed by the internalization of external norms that have little or nothing to do with our becoming in this world.

However, precisely because of all the social conditioning that human beings undergo throughout our lives, it is this mental voice that directs our lives. Silencing this voice for the benefit of the voice of our soul becomes an indispensable feat if we want to get ahead in this world in a victorious way.

Addressing the subject of the soul, from a spiritual point of view, is not an easy task since it involves investigate and enter worlds, knowledge and spiritual practices outside the operation of this world. Therefore, we encourage people who are interested in delving into these topics to, first, open your heart to be able to hear the true voice of your conscience and, from there, look for what your soul tells you...

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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