How to Treat an Arrogant and Proud Person

  • Jul 26, 2021
How to treat an arrogant and arrogant person

We all know what a proud and arrogant person is like and how difficult it is to relate to them. People who present arrogance and arrogance are usually characterized by being arrogant, selfish and haughty. It is possible that you have ever been in contact with one of them and did not know how to interact. If you want to know how to deal with people with these personality traits, keep reading our Psychology-Online article: How to treat an arrogant and arrogant person.

Arrogance and pride they are personality traits. They are defined as the belief about one's own superiority and importance over other people.

These traits are instrumental, that is, oriented to individual goals and objectives, but they hinder interpersonal relationships and their quality. Arrogance and arrogance generally, but not exclusively, can be identified in work environments and the world business, since society often supports, and even encourages, these qualities associating them with leadership and success. In addition, these characteristics are specific to the profile of narcissistic personality.

Why is a person arrogant and arrogant?

  • Inflated self-esteem: From psychology it has been hypothesized that arrogance and pride are the product and expression of a inflated and distorted self-image, so that people act based on their own perception.
  • Low selfsteem: Others wonder what an arrogant and arrogant person hides and theorize about the possibility that both traits are compensatory defense mechanisms of a lack of self-esteem and confidence.
How to treat an arrogant and arrogant person - Arrogance and arrogance: psychology

Maybe at work or in the family there is an arrogant and arrogant person with whom you must necessarily deal. Surely, due to all the mentioned characteristics, you don't like arrogant people. Dealing with a person who is characterized by arrogance and arrogance can be difficult, due to their little interest in interpersonal relationships and excessive focus on their own person and benefit. However, there are tricks to dealing with an arrogant person.

20 tips to treat an arrogant and arrogant person

Here are 20 tips on how to deal with a pushy person:

  1. Take distance: As far as possible avoid those people who feel that they do not contribute anything or, if they do, it is in a negative way. It is not necessary to relate and interact with all the people around us, so it limits contact to the strictly necessary with a person of these characteristics.
  2. Mentalize yourself: Before maintaining contact with a pushy person, try to mentalize yourself about it and clearly define what you want to express or get from the other person. This training or previous preparation can help to show you in a solid way.
  3. Use assertiveness: Regarding attitude, it is recommended to maintain a neutral and polite attitude, without getting emotionally involved and showing assertiveness when interacting. The assertive communication style It involves expressing your ideas and points of view firmly but without harming others.
  4. Change the perspective: To treat an overbearing person, try to take the encounter as an opportunity to learning and practicing your social skills, in order to change the approach you give to situation. This can be helpful in the future, as you may have to deal with more than one person in your life that you don't like.
  5. Try not to be affected by: try to be aware that he is an arrogant and arrogant person and that therefore he is a selfish and arrogant person in social contact in general, not with you only and personally. Maintaining an objective attitude can facilitate interaction and protect your self-esteem.
  6. Surprise her: How do you answer a pushy person? Arrogant people expect hostile or negative reactions to their behaviors and attitudes, so ignoring these and displaying a positive and companionate attitude can throw them off.
  7. Look for support: Try to generate a social network of people in your environment who also deal with this arrogant person in order to feel more understanding and support.
  8. Use humor: use humor as a weapon to protect yourself, look for the absurd and comic side of their attitudes as much as possible. Humor is a tool that allows emotional distancing and taking perspective in some situations.
  9. Analyze the situation: If you feel that his comments or attitudes affect you, try to analyze objectively and rationally what psychological and control mechanisms he is using with you and why they are being effective. This knowledge can help you think about how to act the next times and achieve less emotional impact.
  10. Do not give: How to treat an arrogant and arrogant person? Above all, do not give in to the disrespect of the arrogant and arrogant person, try to maintain the dialogue in the same way that you would with another person without deviating from their comments. Keep the goal of the interaction in mind and show a firm attitude.
  11. Don't play along: do not be impressed by their supposed achievements, successes and narratives about it, as arrogant people feed on the admiration and attention of other people.
  12. Understand arrogance: learn in general about arrogance, its mechanisms, its causes, etc. This will help you better understand why the arrogant person acts in a certain way and to identify attitudes and behaviors as typical of this personality trait.
  13. Difference situations: It is essential to distinguish when the defense of one's point of view is important and when it is unproductive or brings us more benefit. This distinction leads to unnecessary contact and discussion savings.
  14. Change the topic of conversation: arrogant people want to control and be the center of conversations that revolve around topics that dominate and are often repetitive in these. Take up a new issue and, if he insists on returning to the old one, politely point out that you have already expressed your opinion about him and listened to his, so you think the subject is closed.
  15. Defend your position: assertively and trying to alter yourself as little as possible, it is important that you defend your points of view and do not let yourself be subdued by a superb person, because if he is not more likely to try to take advantage of you in a future.
  16. Take apart their arguments: Another strategy for dealing with pushy people may be to stop agreeing with them and show, with solid arguments and reasons, that you hold the wrong point of view.
  17. Make use of empathy: Try to understand why this person exhibits these types of behaviors and attitudes, putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their motives can make it easier for you to interact with them. It is important to emphasize that understanding does not imply justification, so in this case the objective of empathy is an approach and understanding of personality and life history of this person.
  18. Approach the encounter with confidence: make a introspection exercise with you and work your confidence. If you maintain security and self-esteem in your person when dealing with an arrogant person, you will remain invulnerable to them. Be aware of your strengths and interpret arrogance as a sign of weakness.
  19. Set your limits: Establish your own tolerance limits and mark them with that person, if they exceed them, end the conversation or the meeting sharply.
  20. Try to focus on his virtues: How to treat an arrogant and arrogant person? Try not to pay as much attention to their negative character traits and focus on looking for the positive ones. Once located, pay attention to them when you maintain personal contact, in this way you may be distracted to some extent from their arrogance.

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