The desire to be loved and accepted by others

  • Jul 26, 2021
The desire to be loved and accepted by others

Each person is an individual being who needs moments of solitude to disconnect from everything and focus on himself. But human nature is also defined by the relational side that shows the need for socialization and to share time with others to have a full life. One of the basic desires of every human being, a desire that connects directly with self-esteem, is the desire to be loved and accepted by others. Acceptance means loving someone as they are without trying to change them.

Throughout the life of a human being, situations of all kinds happen. But most people have felt lonely at some point in their life. They have lived a period with more difficulties in their social relationships. This type of experience leaves a deep impression on the heart in the face of the vulnerability that arises from the fear of loneliness.

Throughout life, a person meets many people with whom he can establish different ties. However, in comparison, few people with whom he establishes a one-way bond. deep connection on an emotional level.

But thanks to the quality of these kinds of relationships, a kind of emotional compensation arises. A good person who crosses your path and becomes part of your life can help you heal the wounds of possible previous disappointments.

The desire to be loved and accepted by others - Seek real relationships

The desire to be loved and accepted by others is very human, but the most important thing is that anyone loves themselves. be true to your personal values and seek your own well-being. Otherwise, a person can fall into the trap of always acting seeking external opinion even at the cost of acting against himself.

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