Negotiation (characteristics of a good negotiation)

  • Jul 26, 2021
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The term negotiation has reached an important position, as a method of conflict resolution at the national and international, in the management of economic and commercial relations between countries, organizations and Business.

In a market as competitive as the current one, it is added that the negotiation has changed due to the fact that the Thanks to the technological scope, consumers participate more in the negotiation, demanding even specifications of the product.


So that negotiate has become an essential task within any organization, facing the negotiation challenge from various points As for example with the competition, with the image of the product, with the way to reach the consumer and with the processes internal

In this article you will find:

Negotiation concept

It is conceptually understood by Negotiation, any process in which at least two interested parties intervene, in order to resolve a conflict and seeking each of the parties certain Individual Advantage, but which should result in the greatest benefit for each of the parties, materializing positive advantages and collective. Also being able to agree on certain lines of conduct.


Negotiation envisions the concepts of profit and loss, and depends on the effectiveness of the negotiators who they claim to get the benefit for their part, knowing or not giving part of it to compensate the other part.

This method of conflict resolution is applied in any aspect of life, especially in the field of law and the environment of Business and Finance.


What is to negotiate?

In commercial matters, negotiating is both buyer and seller to withdraw in accordance with the role they played and what they obtained at the end of the trance. Which means that the action was bidirectional and the negotiation was successful.

Conditions to negotiate

For the negotiation to be effective, certain conditions must exist, including:


  • There must be two parties willing to negotiate.
  • Each party must have a clear objective, otherwise it is said that there is an imposition by one of the parties.
  • Negotiations are often not perfect, they unfold according to the push and pull promoted by the parties.
  • Both parties must have the intention of reaching agreements for the process to conclude successfully.
  • Neither party must seek only their own benefit, both parties must win, hence the well-known phrase "win - win".

8 Characteristics that a good negotiator must have

Not everyone can be a negotiator, to negotiate successfully you must have certain attitudes and skills, skills necessary to avoid collapsing in the attempt.

The negotiator is born and made, over time he specialized and develops skills and dexterity such as:


1. Spirit

You must have the skill to understand the other party and lead them in the most convenient direction for both of you, manipulating the relationship with emotional intelligence in the most appropriate way.

This allows you to develop an ability to recognize feelings and separate people from problems. This emotional ability increases your self-confidence, improving your wholeness and spirit.

2. Optimistic

In any situation, you must present yourself with the best disposition, with the certainty that something positive will result from said negotiation, with a smile and with the best of intentions.

3. Integrity

In addition to being a fundamental value of a good person, it is a competence of the negotiator who should never offer something that he is not able to give.

4. Perseverance

He must have a will of steel, no matter the defeats he carries, he must know how to get up and move on, face each new situation with the full disposition to win, each lost battle is a learning that sooner or later will lead to the success.

5. Modesty

Humility is necessary to know how to win or lose. You should never pretend to know everything or believe that you are always right.

6. Intellectual skills

A good negotiator must develop certain intellectual and conceptual skills that allow him greater capacity for analysis and synthesis of the topic to be negotiated, ease of deciding on time and speed that they are correct, ability to solve any type of problem. In addition, you must have certain linguistic skills to correctly engage in the communicative process and make use of the appropriate dialectic to negotiation, speak and express yourself clearly, and with enough agility to know how to express what you want to express without creating confusion.

7. Originality

A very necessary feature since competitiveness forces us to have inventiveness to create striking and persuasive alternatives, to lead the other party to where we want it to be without greater efforts.

8. Planning and preparation

You must have the ability and knowledge to go into battle with a strategy and a good plan of action. It is important to be sufficiently prepared to win, you must study all the possible information regarding the negotiation that is carry out, including the competition, arm itself with different strategies and ideas, without having to incur the competition unfair.

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