What are your personal strengths?

  • Jul 26, 2021
What are your personal strengths?

According to positive psychology, if we want to be happy and achieve our goals, one of our objectives that we must achieve throughout our lives will be to develop our personal strengths, since these are the ones that will help us grow, move forward and overcome any painful or adverse situation that comes our way. lifetime. But how do you know what are your personal strengths?

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The strengths of positive psychology.

Martin Seligman, creator of positive psychology, determined that there are a number of personal strengths common to all human beings, whatever their culture, religion or current of thought. They are strengths that are in the germ within each one of us and that can be fostered or educated.

Classification of personal strengths.

Seligman classified these strengths in six different groups, Which are the following:

  • Wisdom and knowledge: They are the strengths involved in the acquisition and use of knowledge. This group includes curiosity, love of knowledge, critical thinking, ingenuity and the ability to give advice to others.
  • Courage: the strengths that allow us to achieve our goals despite difficulties, which are courage, perseverance, integrity and vitality.
  • Humanity: It is composed of the strengths that allow us to take care of others, such as love, attachment, generosity and emotional intelligence.
  • Justice: the strengths that allow us to live together are teamwork, a sense of justice, and leadership.
  • Moderation: Within this category are included strengths such as the ability to forgive, modesty, prudence and self-control.
  • Transcendence: These allow us to give meaning to life, such as the capacity for wonder, gratitude, hope, and spirituality.

Martin Seligman also designed, together with Christopher Paterson, the so-called Test Via, which allows us to identify how these virtues are present in us.

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