Signs That You Have Forgotten Yourself

  • Jul 26, 2021
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Signs that you have forgotten yourself

Surely, we have all forgotten ourselves at some point in life. The important thing is to try that this situation does not last for longer. Today I would like to reflect in this post on how they exist cluesclear that show that you have not thought of you for a long time. When was the last time you had a really good time, without the rush of constantly checking the time? Reflect on this question and you will find the answer.

How many times do you stop goodopportunities leisure and meeting new people by constantly putting occupations first that, in many cases, can wait for the next day?

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  1. Alarm symptoms
  2. The signs that indicate it
  3. Steps to wake up

Alarm symptoms.

You've forgotten about your well-being when you hardly remember what it's like to truly enjoy a simple, improvised plan. When most of your time is reduced to the routine of going from work to home. You dream of another life, however, you live watching the weeks go by while you feel trapped in the bubble of inertia that drags you.

You have forgotten to enjoy when you sign up for a course, a good atmosphere is formed, and the other colleagues organize activities that you never attend. When you project the image of haste on others through messages such as: "I'm very busy", "I have a lot to do", "I don't have even five minutes."

Signs That You Have Forgotten Yourself - Alarm Symptoms

The signs that indicate it.

You have forgotten yourself when you no longer stop to think about what it is that you really want to do in your life. When you are psychologically tired and still, you do not put an immediate solution. For example, learning to say no, setting limits to others, defending your rights against those who burden you with responsibilities that do not correspond to you.

You have forgotten yourself when it has been a long time since practices those hobbies that you used to love. If you can't find even small spaces for it, this should make you think. When you constantly put the well-being of your closest loved ones on your list of priorities, you run the risk of ending up exhausted by that role of savior.

You have forgotten about yourself when you feel like crying but don't allow it. That is, when you send yourself messages like: "I have to be strong." Like expressemotionsfromsadness or weakness was a negative symptom. You have forgotten about yourself when you do not take advantage of your time, or when you feel that your youth is past as if age were a negative conditioner of personal fulfillment.

Steps to wake up.

If you feel that it has not been a long time you thinkon you, wake up. Reaction to! Start looking at reality with new eyes. It is not about being selfish but about understanding that life is lived through the perspective of the self in a healthy balance with the "we". However, you have forgotten yourself when you have the unpleasant feeling of losing your own entity in your home group.

By way of exercise from coaching I encourage you to write in a journal, love letters to life. To do this, find inspiration in those nice and pleasant little details of every day.

Signs That You Have Forgotten Yourself - Steps to Waking Up

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