The main symptoms of an existential crisis

  • Jul 26, 2021
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The main symptoms of an existential crisis

A existential crisis taken to its extreme point, it can cause great anxiety in the subject who cannot focus on the now because he has an extreme worry that focuses all his attention and all his energy until he falls into exhaustion mental. But also, to feel that life itself lacks all its meaning. In this Psychology-Online article we are going to analyze what are the main symptoms of an existential crisis so that you learn to detect them and know how you can act to improve your current situation.

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  1. What is an existential crisis according to psychology?
  2. Physical symptoms of an existential crisis
  3. Existential crisis: psychological symptoms
  4. Psychological treatment of an existential crisis

What is an existential crisis according to psychology?

Before discovering the symptoms of an existential crisis, it is important that, first, we analyze this concept a little better to understand what it refers to.

What is an existential crisis? This type of situation usually appears when

we do not know very well where to orient our life. It usually begins with some event that takes place in some plane of our existence (couple, work, family, etc.) and that ends up moving the foundations of our entire being making everything stagger.

When we speak of "existential crisis" the same word already refers to what is happening: a crisis in the plane of our existence, in a complete, global way. We do not understand why we are having the life we ​​have or what we would like to be able to be happier and feel more comfortable. We usually feel outside of ourselves and without finishing understanding each other quite well.

In this other Psychology-Online article we will discover what to do when you want to be happy and you can't.

The main symptoms of an existential crisis - What is an existential crisis according to psychology?

Physical symptoms of an existential crisis.

Living without meaning is what makes some people feel exhausted, with fear, nerves and lack of motivation. On many occasions, the greatest vital concern arises from an existential crisis that refers to the relationship between life and death.

Behind the panic of dying there is the fear of emptiness, of the unknown, of nothingness... In this way, crises of Anguish in everyday or routine moments as well as these emotions can cause enormous physical discomfort in the person.

Existential crisis: psychological symptoms.

Here we leave you the main symptoms of an existential crisis that are related to the psychological situation and that are the most common and easy to recognize. This listing can serve as a existential crisis testSince if more than one matches, you may need to seek help.

The most prominent psychological symptoms are the following:

Boredom and boredom

It is one of the most common signs that characterize an existential crisis. It's about waking up each day feeling bored and bored. There is nothing that motivates you in the extreme and you feel that your life does not have any element that is really worth it.

Nothing motivates you

Another of the most characteristic symptoms is feeling that nothing motivates you in a special way. It is likely that, previously, you did some activities in your day to day with which you felt happy but that, now, have lost interest. This is a clear sign that you are suffering from an existential crisis, because what you used to like, now you don't.

Dissatisfaction with your life

As much as things are going well for you, that everything works at work and in your private life as well, in general you are not happy or satisfied with your life. You don't end up feeling comfortable or satisfied with your life. This is something very typical of this type of crisis and you have to be very careful because it can lead to depression.

You don't know how to change your life

Another of the most important symptoms of an existential crisis is that, as much as you are aware of your situation, you don't really know what to do to turn your life around. It is possible that you feel lost and that you cannot organize your mind well, therefore, it is important that you take an inner journey to connect with your inner "I". In this other Psychology-Online article we give you some tips for you to learn to find yourself.

The main symptoms of an existential crisis - Existential crisis: psychological symptoms

Psychological treatment of an existential crisis.

When it comes to overcoming an existential crisis it is important to give time to time. At other times, a crisis may also come from the person taking stock of her life and is not sure if she got where she wanted to go when she was young. That is, it can cause frustration to see that the desires of the heart have not been fulfilled. However, time is limited, and wishes can be infinite, therefore it is essential learn to prioritize to select what is truly important.

It is also important that you dedicate time to yourself, that spend quality time in your company and that you investigate your current "me". It is likely that you have this feeling of existential crisis because you have changed or evolved over time and you have not given yourself time or margin to know who you are today. Therefore, it is important that you think about yourself and that you allow yourself time to connect with your interior and discover the person you are now. You are sure to love it!

The worst thing about going through an existential crisis is that when you share it with someone close to you, they may not understand you as much as you expect. And even, it may detract from your pain and judge it as superficial. Therefore, you should consider the possibility of ask for professional help, This person can help you and provide existential crisis tests to help you.

Many people have experienced an existential crisis at some point in their life and the important thing is that they have overcome it. Seeing this type of situation in a positive way, this discomfort may drive you to take advantage of your time much more and not to deceive yourself.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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