The loneliness that hurts

  • Jul 26, 2021
The loneliness that hurts

There are different types of loneliness, however, the most agonizing is that which hurts and makes someone feel you experience this feeling of abandonment that you are in a vicious cycle from which you have difficulty leave. The loneliness that hurts It can rob us of energy and leave us without ideas to break that cycle. However, it is very important to remember that no situation is permanent. One of the most important principles to relativize this loneliness and understand that no state is static, even more so when one struggles to open new doors.

In this article, the concept of loneliness that hurts refers to that inner feeling of sadness that hurts the heart. But this feeling can be experienced by being with a partner, having friends or having few social relationships, since that the feeling of loneliness is closely linked to one's own personal subjectivity and the degree of satisfaction Present.

The loneliness that hurts - Loneliness beyond the circumstances

To break the circle of loneliness, it is positive to implement new actions to break with the predictable

: If you always act the same way, then you are likely to get the same results. On the other hand, it is important to delve into the cause of such loneliness because frequently, this perception can be caused by an event that has nothing to do with the company but with the need for personal development.

For example, doing non-vocational work can lead to loneliness for those who do not seek a positive meaning in their routine. The loneliness that hurts can show internally the deep desire for a change in routine. In other words, loneliness can also be a reflection of a dissatisfaction experienced by those who feel that they have been stuck at a point that they do not like too much.

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