You are a unique and special being

  • Jul 26, 2021
You are a unique and special being

There are many situations that can put a brake on our self-esteem, however, everything changes when you become aware that you are a unique and unrepeatable beingIn other words, there is no one like you in the entire universe. Your talents and virtues are your best personal brand, they define you in essence as a person with an infinite capacity for improvement. Do not lose the ability to remind yourself that you are someone unique and unrepeatable. Do not wait for moments of difficulty to tell you this message that you can also give yourself in joys and illusions. What is it that makes you different from others? What is your professional and vital vocation?

Each person has a different path, be encouraged to walk yours with the wisdom that the experience of living itself gives you.

Two objects can be compared with each other based on the utility that each one reports, on the other hand, two people should not be compared with each other because one is not better than the otherIt is simply different.

The interpersonal comparisons They are the ones that give rise to personal insecurities, affective deficiencies, internal fears, ego struggles, envy and jealousy.

Your presence brings light to the lives of other people who love you. Being aware of it contributes self-love and confidence. Your presence leaves a mark on the lives of other people who are happy for the moments they share with you. That is, your company is a gift.

Humans often make the mistake of not expressing feelings we feel towards others, either out of modesty or even out of fear that the other does not feel the same. However, being more free when expressing affection allows you to feel better about yourself and remember that you are a unique and unrepeatable being.

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