Small Business Organization Chart

  • Jul 26, 2021
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This time we will study the organization chart of a small business. These have a great difference from the large ones, because they do not have so many divisions in their departments, they also do not contain too many middle lines or they simply do not.

This type of company is characterized by being a business model that contains a low number of employees and work areas, which are mostly managed by its shareholders.


His Organizational structure, it is an appropriate tool to carry out strategic plans where work can be classified, establish norms and make appropriate hierarchical divisions among employees working within the organization.

Small Business Organization Chart


In this article you will find:

Classification of an organization chart of a small company

Depending on how the work and functions of this type of company are divided, the form of Organization chart need. The most widely used model is based on a simple structure containing a few mid-lines and a totally direct communication between the strategic apex and the operations center is highlighted.

However, even though it is a small organization, the help and support of the staff may be needed. To show more details of your classification, the following can be highlighted for each part of your structure:


Simple structure

It contains little middle line of command, allowing direct communication between strategic departments and areas of operations. In some cases, they use staff as a point of support.

Direction or strategic apex

It is managed by the owner of the company, who directs it and make all the decisions important.


He has the responsibility of supervising all the work in general, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the company, it must also be in constant communication with its environment and with the various managements that are at its disposal. position.

Middle line

This level of the company is controlled by a supervisor or person in charge who must enforce all the activities imposed by the strategic apex. These supervisors have the responsibility to communicate and organize any situation that arises in the operations center.


Core of Operations

It is made up of different professionals, trained to perform multiple functions, which in turn, will be supervised by a person in charge or by the strategic apex.

Support staff

The staff is in charge of hiring the staff and they help to solve the specific needs of the organization. Among those needs is computer maintenance, cleaning and accounting control, among other functions of the company.

If there is no support staff in the company, it is up to the operations center to carry out these functions.

Small Business Organization Chart Tools

Among the tools that are most used to make an organizational scheme, is Microsoft Word, since graphics can be made with designs through the Publisher.

You can also use power point, where you can make presentations with text boxes that can be relate to the availability of different connectors and autoforms that different colors can be applied to them.

There are tools that are totally free such as Cogmap and Creately, these provide the facility of being able to make multiple diagrams to which shapes, writings, etc. can be added.

Perform a organization chart of a small business, requires a spinal column to be able to keep up with the changes in its environment, applying various strategies and tasks to employees in a flexible, clear, concrete way that can be adapted to the activities that perform.

Types of Organization Charts Suitable for Small Businesses

The division of labor in smaller companies can have different forms, therefore, the types of organization charts that can be applied are classified as follows:

Linear organization chart

It is an organization that presents hierarchies according to the functions performed by each employee. It is characterized by being somewhat rigid, since workers do not participate in decision-making and establishes limits regarding the exchange of information and collaboration between the different departments.

The operation of this structure is based on dividing the functions in the following way, the Director is placed at the top, then the Deputy Directors or heads of departments, which are those in charge of the workers who are under their charges.

Centralized organization chart

It is the most used format within this type of organization, due to its hierarchical structure. In small organizations, it is characterized by having a single boss who is the one who makes all the decisions and creates the company's policies.

This is due to its few divisions and the fact that its manager contains the skills and knowledge that business management requires.

Functional organization chart

In this structure type, the hierarchy is established depending on the functions of the employees. It allows the various departments the existence of good communication, it also allows them to hierarchical levels can make decisions without having to wait for authorization from the Director Executive.

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