The best free customer management software.

  • Jul 26, 2021

As is well known, today everything is managed from a laptop or from a device, in fact with the immersion of finance and its adaptation to virtual platforms until banking structures have lost rigor.

For this reason, nowadays companies eager for exaction are always at the forefront and constant search for applications in the arduous desire to grow and have the best platforms for its evolution.


That is why the software of Customer Management, which allow monitoring all business activity through platforms:

  • Control of clients, of old date and those who are entering the portfolio.
  • Inventory control and products available in stock.
  • Constant monitoring of sales and budgets.
  • Additional functions for payroll control.
  • Templates for controlling income and expenses.

But all these benefits that these programs offer to companies, it is not necessary to pay for software at an exuberant price, but rather for the On the contrary, it is enough to install one of the best free management software on the laptop and on the device, which we will describe to you continuation.


In this article you will find:

Top of the free client management software.


Under its commercial slogan, time is happiness, this software fulfills what it promises, the first functionality that makes it the ideal, is its power of synchronization of all the contacts available in google, Outlook and other platforms, in such a way that it guarantees that nobody is by outside.


This allows the contacts with all their information to be stored in one place, being equally possible, the categorization of them according to the user.

A record and control of activity is kept for each client. Simple and practical software to use.



As its name indicates, this software makes your company, a cluster of simplicity and happiness, under the authority of control of a single user, you can keep track of 300 customers, with their respective activities and sequences of sales.

On the other hand, this software allows the activities control functions through a calendar, being possible to keep everything up to date, thanks to a new reminder system.


However, such functionalities are only enjoyed for a 15-day free trial, after which the free version is very limited.


It owes its name to the functionality that allows a maximum of two users to work from the cloud.

That is, this software allows the control of the company from any device, and with the possibility of being able to load files directly to the cloud, this being a method of safeguarding them and strengthening communication with them customers.

It also allows you to synchronize all contacts, carry agendas and alarm systems that report as reminders.

Likewise, it creates labels for the control of activities in each of the departments, being a platform that completely interferes with the entire company.


One of the software that is giving something to talk about is the Bitrix platform widely used by SMEs in Latin America, allowing extensive functions such as:

  • File management in the cloud, with a storage capacity of almost 50GB
  • Control of the platform by means of 10 to 12 users.
  • Control of activities with clients and company members
  • Creation of posts and labels that allow the monitoring of business activities.
  • Management and support through social networks.


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