The rise of technology and the resemblance between finding a partner and finding a job

  • Jul 26, 2021

That the technological advances of recent years have been overwhelming is nothing new. Before, if someone wanted to get a job, they had to go directly to the place where they wanted to work, show your resume, be presentable and cross your fingers so that whoever receives it is in a good mood humor. Today this whole process can be done through a simple video call, or by clicking on LinkedIn.

The same thing happens with love relationships, everything has changed completely. Anyone can search the web contacts for friendship or whatever arises in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville or any of the most cosmopolitan and large cities and find what you want in just one click. There are even virtual roses! (And, yes, they cost a few euros).


Although it may not seem like it, finding a job and finding a partner, today, are more related than we think. The hyperconnectivity that Revolution 4.0 has given us has changed many habits of today's man. Let's look at some of the more obvious ones below.


In this article you will find:

Pages to link and pages to work

Both have existed, almost, since the WWW (World Wide Web) was created. Although we currently have the most popular job portals such as Infojobs, Monster or the aforementioned LinkedIn, there are thousands on the Internet that can be accessed.

Those of flirting, it goes without saying: they are in piles. Even those whose original purpose was not to flirt, have been used for this purpose.


Shall we have coffee or chat?

Yes, now both appointments and job interviews happen via the web. Something that was unthinkable twenty years ago is today a total and absolute reality. In fact, there are couples who, with years of relationship, have never seen each other in person, who have only conversed by chat or video, and who, quietly, practice sexting and it is enough for them.

At the same time, there are currently thousands of companies that operate via the web and many of them have never had direct contact with their employees. However, they work well and are productive. How is it possible? Well, the communication process provided by the Internet facilitates everything: interviews, questionnaires, corroboration of resumes, skills... absolutely everything.


Working hours, partner schedules

Even in this, technology is immersed within the labor field and the love field. At a distance there is no longer so much rigor when it comes to meeting work or affection times. It all simply depends on the availability of the workers and bosses, and of both people in the love relationship.

With a simple message or email you can schedule the delivery of a job or meet with clients and, similarly, plan a casual meeting to see you with your partner. These encounters are no longer tied to movie hours, or to leaving the office on the physical plane.


Have we advanced thanks to technology in the work and love spheres? Yes, and a lot, and the similarities between the two courses are incredible. In short, we are human, change is in our DNA, and the WWW has appeared to demonstrate how flexible and adaptable we can be.

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