How to have a strong character

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to have a strong character

I do not know if you have ever heard this expression, but it is very common that when someone is characterized by having no character, Due to lack of initiative and difficulties in reacting or making decisions, she is told that she has “horchata in the veins". Normally, when this phrase is said to someone, the person tends to react negatively, Well, nobody likes to be told that they have no character, but do we know what character really is?

In this Psychology-Online article, we adequately explain its definition and how to have strong character with some simple tips and advice.

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  1. What is character?
  2. What is having character in psychology?
  3. What is a person of strong character?
  4. 10 keys to having a strong character

What is character?

First of all, I want to start by using the definitions used by Martínez (2002)[1] to differentiate between three concepts that are usually used synonymously. However, despite their great similarity, they differ considerably on certain points:

  • The temperament It is a broad concept, which continues to be defined, however, it has been seen that it is related to the different dimensions of the individual's behavior. This can be modified as a result of the interactions of the person with the environment that surrounds him.
  • The personality, according to professor Ibañez (2014)[2], refers to a series of dispositions or trends of behavior in certain situations, which are relatively stable and consistent over time. In addition, it also includes those individual differences, that is, the response variations that people present to a similar situation, in basic psychological processes.
  • The ethical character, for its part, is related to what a person "wants to be". In this, it is taken into account how the person acts according to his motives and dispositions, giving stability to his social behavior.

What is having character in psychology?

Within psychology, the previously given definition is slightly modified, since it does not refer to what man "must" or "wants to be", but rather addresses what man "is".

This difference comes from the fact that there have been cases in which subjects are characterized by having a lack of character in what that refers to the ethical sense of society, but that they are possessors of a very strong character from the point of view psychological.

Is known the psychological character as those faculties that an individual has to make decisions, make evaluations, achieve objectives, etc., taking into account everything that includes his individual existence.

What is a person of strong character?

Although it is often misleading, having a strong character does not mean having a bad temper or getting angry easily. Rather, it refers to that person who does not waver from her decisions and convictions.

Strong-willed people tend to be able to control their impulses and respond appropriately to those. challenges that life poses for them, developing and using all the resources at their disposal to be able to keep up with front.

It is very typical to believe that people with a strong character are not afraid, that they face any situation without fear and with courage, however, this is not true, because They do feel fear, but unlike those people of weak character who are paralyzed by fear, fear activates them, causing them to confront it with audacity.

10 keys to having a strong character.

After reading different articles, I have been able to verify that there is no clear methodology for strengthen character, but it is true that one point is always agreed upon: the difficulty of change it.

However, in Psychology-Online, we give you a list of some steps to follow that will help you and make this change easier and more bearable:

  1. Learn what it takes to have strength of character. It's very important know what we want to change in order to make an adequate assessment of whether such a change is necessary.
  2. Develop empathy. Being able to identify and put yourself in the shoes of those with a weak character will allow you to offer your help. In the following article you can find out about how to practice empathy in your life.
  3. Have leadership strength. Any person with a strong character is capable of making decisions and standing firm on them despite the difficulties that may arise.
  4. Prevent and control possible irrational impulses. We all know that acting before thinking can lead to uncomfortable or problematic situations, so you should always try to be as rational as possible.
  5. Never let go of your self-esteem. If you do not love yourself, you will never be able to feel one hundred percent sure of the decisions you make, so this will be a constant impediment when it comes to strengthening your character. See the following article on how to improve self esteem.
  6. Don't be afraid to make decisions. Be brave when making decisions, do not regret later for something you could have done.
  7. Control your feelings. Always use reason, meditate and reconsider before acting, value both the positive and the negative before acting.
  8. Take your time and in stressful situations never lose your cool. Although some situations can make us nervous and create anxiety, never lose your cool, focus on facing them with courage.
  9. Be positive. Always look for the bright side, even in the strongest problems.
  10. Live life with joy. Use your sense of humor to face those problems that concern you. There is no better way to trust yourself than to laugh with yourself as well.

Apart from the previous guidelines given to have a strong character, it is also recommended to request help from professionals, since they are the ones who will be able to determine in the most appropriate way which are the traits that have to be modified and enhanced.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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