How to solve the LACK of DESIRE in man?

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to solve the lack of desire in man

The lack of desire in men can occur for various reasons, from going through a state of stress acute, until presenting some condition of a clinical nature that is interfering with the experimentation of desire sexual. In the psychological area there is a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men and, basically, consists of the reduction or absence of fantasies, erotic thoughts and desires of a sexual nature, for a minimum period of six months. Of course, this diagnosis is made by specialists in the area after examining and reviewing the case.

Knowing that there is the possibility of needing clinical support, it is suggested to visit a certified specialist in the area of ​​sexual health and, in turn, Psychology-Online will let you know 11 remedies to solve the lack of desire in men, since this situation may be interrupting the sexual life of those who present an alteration of this type.

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  1. Breathing exercises
  2. Hours of sleep
  3. Meditation
  4. Decreased consumption of depressants
  5. Erotic conversations
  6. Erotic literature
  7. Stimulating images
  8. Chocolate with strawberries
  9. Seafood
  10. Previous
  11. Innovation in bed

Breathing exercises.

As mentioned earlier, lack of desire is closely linked to stress levels managed by the man in question, which means that this lack of desire may be a result and not the root; the root would be stress, so that it becomes clear that the situation to be addressed is stress. It is suggested to take into account the general panorama of the man's life situation, with the intention of assessing whether this inference has a real basis; If so, to stabilize and reduce the stress to which he is being subjected, a useful tool will be the breathing exercises.

You can discover a wide range of breathing exercises that are aimed at relaxation. In this way, it is expected that once stress levels drop, there will be room for sexual desire. Remember that these types of tools are of repeated use and their results will not be immediate, depending on the situation.

In this article you will find more information about stress management.

Hours of sleep.

Following this order of ideas, regarding the lack of desire in men related to psychological factors such as stress or anxiety, it is essential to include the hours of sleep. In general, the quality of life has a role in this type of alterations, however there are elements such as the shortage of hours sleep and / or quality of sleep hours, which have the power to affect intrinsic aspects such as sexual desire in a person.

This is because sleep, in addition to being a basic need, fulfills tasks of a physiological order and cognitive functions that help people functionally deal with stressors and thus there is no imbalance. Therefore, it would be helpful to seek at least seven hours of sleep each night. Here you can see how to sleep fast and deep.


Let's see the following strategy in the absence of desire to make love in man. Making meditation a habit can be highly beneficial for the quality of life. This passive activity gives the opportunity to relax, connect and have a moment in the day to yourself. Therefore, meditation can also help to solve the lack of desire in man. In the following article we explain how to start meditating for beginners.

Decreased consumption of depressants.

Every day, people consume a large amount of food and substances, some of which are beneficial to the body and others that are not so beneficial. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the depressant substances of the central nervous system. You'll see, alcoholic drinks such as beer, for example, are considered depressants of the nervous system, which means that they deplete some brain substances and as Consequently, the natural state of alertness in the individual decreases, it affects the orientation ability, fine and gross motor skills, among others. Likewise, it could interfere with sexual performance of the consumer. It should be noted that, generally, this happens when alcohol intake is excessive, but it is prudent to take this possibility into account before the alteration of desire, the portal to the sexual act.

Erotic conversations.

These types of conversations help stimulate the erotic area in man with great ease. Holding erotic conversations can not only serve as a remedy for the lack of sexual desire but, in addition to this, if it is a exclusive partner, they could use these conversations to strengthen intimacy by openly expressing what their fantasies are both. In this article you will find spicy questions for your partner.

Erotic literature.

One of the best home remedies for lack of desire in men is erotic stories. An unusual but ideal way to stimulate the imagination and in turn evoke desire, is through reading, in this case, erotic literature.

In the following article you will find other complementary ideas to awaken your desire and activate sexually to your partner.

Stimulating images.

Male people, in general, pay special attention to what is captured by their visual sense. These cases represent an opportunity to see for yourself how true this is. Beyond checking something, it is about making use of all the techniques that help to regain sexual desire and, in passing, recognizing if this type of stimulus is with you or your partner. It is recommended to use a suggestive image in terms of erotic content, be it a photograph or an audiovisual file.

In case you are interested in the subject, in this article we talk about how to approach pornography in the couple.

Chocolate with strawberries.

The use of aphrodisiac foods It can contribute to the recovery of sexual desire, since these involve the intervention in favor of its activation. Strawberries with chocolate are an ideal option, especially when you are sharing a moment romantic with that special someone, so you will liven up the time and consume products that could boost the desire. Therefore, this dessert is considered one of the home remedies for a man to get excited.


Another culinary option to address the lack of sexual appetite in men is seafood. If you are not prone to any adverse reaction, the consumption of shellfish, for its properties as aphrodisiacsThey are also an option to consider in cases of hypoactive sexual desire.


It is no secret to anyone that foreplay is one of the sexual delights for almost everyone; in the absence of desire, come up with a simple and intimate game, along with other strategies presented in this article, possibly activate that person. Make sure that the time spent is not extremely long as the opposite effect may be achieved.

Innovation in bed.

Like the previous ones, creativity in bed is a must. Unusual proposals between couples, games and the possibility of using toys and other things, are stimulating for both; specifically, if imagination is used, the lack of desire can begin to fade.

In this article you will find many ideas of sex games to change the routine and surprise your partner.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

If you want to read more articles similar to How to solve the lack of desire in man, we recommend that you enter our category of Sexology.


  • Remember that it is not "less of a man" who goes through this situation. It can happen to anyone.
  • Support your partner if he is going through this. Emotional support is just as important as all the tools suggested here. Avoid making him feel judged.
  • In any circumstance, in case of not obtaining results or considering that the situation is of greater care, the ideal is to use a certified health professional who can provide support required.


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