How to release ENDORPHINS?

  • Jul 26, 2021
How to release endorphins

Endorphins are commonly known as "the hormones of happiness" because they allow us to obtain feelings of pleasure and contribute to greater well-being, help us feel euphoric, full and happy. These hormones are secreted naturally by our body, but what would you tell us if you Let us say that there are numerous activities that increase its release producing a greater sensation of happiness? If you want to know when we produce endorphins and how to release endorphins, keep reading this Psychology-Online article where we will explain the ways to release them naturally.

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  1. What are endorphins?
  2. Ways to release endorphins
  3. How to release endorphins naturally

What are endorphins?

Endorphins are an endogenous substance in our body, a neurotransmitter known as the pleasure hormone. Endorphins are involved in the function of stimulating the brain areas that contribute to experiencing these sensations of pleasure, since its structure is similar to that of opioids, such as heroin, morphine and / or opium, without the negative effects they produce appear.

Endorphins have different functions and effects. They have been involved in the regulation of pain, inhibiting its response, as well as that of emotional pain, in sexual relations, increasing desire, in the system immune system, increasing its ability to combat external microorganisms and in other functions such as the regulation of appetite, respiration and increased sensations of sleep. If you want to know more about endorphins, you can consult this article: Endorphins: what are they, function and types.

Ways to release endorphins.

How to release endorphins? There are many activities that we carry out in our day to day that help to generate endorphins, the question is to know what they are, in order to be able to enhance these activities to be able increase feelings of well-being which produces the release of endorphins. Let's see then what are the ways to release endorphins:

1. Practice sports

Is it possible to release endorphins by running? Yes, it has been concluded that sport is one of the best options to release endorphins. It is not necessary to do an excess of sport to generate endorphins, because doing sport twice a week already increases the levels of this substance considerably. Therefore, if you want to know how to produce endorphins quickly, this is the answer. How long do endorphins last in the body? Endorphin release is maintained for a extended period of time after completing the exercise.

The release of endorphins in the practice of exercise allows us to receive positive sensations about our body, similar to those that morphine would produce, gives us a "kick" of energy, a feeling of euphoria, accompanied by positive feelings and energizers.

2. Sexual intercourse

Endorphins are closely related to the sensations of pleasure and the performance of sexual intercourse considerably increases the release of endorphins. Therefore, having sex is one of the activities that most manages to increase endorphins.

3. Love demonstrations

It has been observed that the caresses, hugs and kisses help generate endorphins, because the combination of the release of pheromones with the release of endorphins promotes a greater sense of pleasure, well-being and happiness. For this reason, one of the functions of endorphins has been related to the romantic bonding of a couple.

4. Relaxing exercises

Can you generate endorphins with your mind? In a way, through the relaxation techniques. Our body has been shown to release endorphins more easily when it is in a relaxed state. For this reason, practicing activities such as yoga, meditation, or a massage they may be ideal for generating endorphins.

5. Make plans and meet your goals

Have a goal and achieve it produces in us great satisfaction and against this, a greater production of endorphins that increase our well-being.

How To Release Endorphins - Ways To Release Endorphins

How to release endorphins naturally.

In addition to the practice of the different activities proposed to release endorphins, there are different daily actions that help to naturally release these hormones.

1. feeding

Another method to generate endorphins naturally is our diet. The sensations of pleasure that are produced in our body when eating are not only sensations physical, they are also chemical and our body increases these sensations thanks to the release of this hormone. What foods release endorphins? The foods that can help us are:

  • Sweet: the myth that when we are sad eating ice cream or chocolate is good for us, it is not so far from reality. Sweets such as chocolate or fruits, rich in sugars, contribute to the release of endorphins, but remember that we should not abuse these foods.
  • Vitamin C and B: Foods rich in these vitamins contribute to the production of endorphins. Some of the foods that contain these properties are cereals, pineapple or pepper.
  • Spicy foods: spicy foods considerably increase the production of endorphins, because our body receives the spicy as pain and in the face of it, seeks to inhibit its response and to calm it increases the release of endorphins.
  • Omega 3: oily fish, tuna, salmon or sardines are foods high in Omega-3. This fatty acid is the only one that is not produced naturally by our body, and is directly related with our mood, therefore eating foods containing Omega-3 increases our well-being and our cheer up.
  • Vegetables: many legumes, such as chickpeas, do not act on the release of endorphins, but they do affect the segregation of the serotonin, another hormone directly linked to mood.

2. Laugh

The simple act of laughing promotes the release of endorphins, therefore engaging in conversations with a sense of humor or joking, help us to increase our mood and give us feelings of greater happiness. With simply a smile, our body begins to generate endorphins.

3. To sleep

Keep some good sleep habits It has been shown to be essential for producing endorphins. For this reason, when we have had a good night and have had a good night's sleep, we we wake up the next day in a good mood and otherwise, we wake up in a bad mood humor. Restful sleep increases positive attitudes and energy that is needed for the proper functioning of our day.

4. to love

Love and falling in love produce the greatest feelings of happiness, euphoria, and pleasure. When we see someone in love we say that they radiate happiness, the explanation for this state is the gigantic release of endorphins produced by the infatuation. You are in love?

5. Contact with the nature

A good walk in nature, go out to breathe fresh air, lay on a beach or having a picnic in the countryside, are activities that require contact with nature, which fill us with energy and well-being. Nature allows us to de-center ourselves from our concerns and thoughts, relaxes us and produces a greater sense of well-being, thereby producing an increase in the secretion of endorphins.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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