How to find your stolen cell phone or notebook?

  • Jul 26, 2021
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belen lopez

look at me a year ago they stole a Nokia 5530 Xpress Music I loved it with all my life but one day a friend asked me to lend it to download music and rang my school bell that time was the the first time I lent the cell phone right tmb they finished the classes well to the point then we left we put it in my backpack when we entered and we met there were no 2 cell phones a day next appears the brother of my friend who had lent him my cell phone with a coincidence that the same cell phone that his sister had appeared with it from them 2 no longer I saw them jasmas and I I would be able to give my life for that cell phone, I have gps but it is not installed, it has everything, wife, everyone, please, someone, would someone help me with this, I want it back. help me find my cell phone oooo and another interesting question if my cell phone is blocked and obviously someone frees it, the gps can be activated from a page I look forward to this helpful answer URGENTEE!!! thanks for your attention


Can someone help me the other day they robbed me and stole my 32 TV, my notebook, my camera and a cell phone, which I would love to find my notebook Because there are many memories of my family and my son played in it and I would love to find it and the notebook did not have any of these security programs, it was a olidata. Please help me to find it I give you a reward for fi


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