Linear organization, advantages and disadvantages

  • Jul 26, 2021

Within organizations and companies, there must always be an order to follow so that all the goals that have been proposed in the calendar of expected achievements are achieved; In each case, all the objectives must lead to collaborating with directly fulfilling the mission and vision of the company, this will make it not something external to the entity.

Whether when we talk about order, we talk about the manufacturing processes, training, dealing with the client or whatever, everything must have an order and that order must be monitored by an authority supervisor; This is the case in general of the linear organization, we will explain well how it works, so that you can decide if it is what is convenient or not for your work team. Of course, if it is a type of organization that has been used for centuries and generations, it will definitely have some power to achieve set goals.


linear organization

Linear Organization Concept


This is the oldest organizational model, the one historically followed in

the wars and until today, currently the military commands are governed by it; history has also been conceived in this way the way of command of church In general, regardless of what religion one speaks, everyone always obeys a superior as a major boss absolutely at all.

Because it is designed in this way, the aforementioned type of organization is pyramidal shapeThe chief being at the top of the structure and gradually descending to more subordinates of lesser rank and authority; communication must always be upwards to solve any situation.


Advantages of this model

One of the main aspects of this type of organization is that this structure is so simple that it can be understood by any element of the team, no matter how new to the company; leaves no room for doubt and therefore the controls are immediately clear.


Another thing that makes this method is used more and more is that the economy is constantly growing, way that people try to enter the business world with new companies and this model of organization is ideal for small businesses.

It is also one of the best methods there is to organize a company because everyone's responsibility is perfectly defined those involved in the company; With this organization, there is no way that there is a mistake and not being able to deduce the respective responsibilities.


In general, this organizational model is very stable, something that every company needs to be able to measure productivity, expenses and costs of each operation.


The not so good things that we can see in this models are for example that, as the address is direct and unique in a sense, this can cause employees who are to some extent over others be too authoritarian more and more gradually.

If the company grows quickly, which is what is always desired, this way of organizing tends to fall and if you are not prepared to implement a new one in such growth, the entire company can collapse due to lack of organization.

Finally, we can see as a disadvantage that the formality of communication with superiors is too rigid, this fosters too much importance for those above others, is inflexible, and creates discontent in lower-end employees. the pyramid, in such a way that they work thinking that they are seen badly by higher management for the sole fact of not communicating directly with they.

A model that can be very profitable if used well.

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