16 signs that a person is in love with their lover

  • Jul 26, 2021
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Signs that a person is in love with their lover

Being in love is experienced in a very similar way whether it is a partner or a lover. Obviously, the situation as such is different in many respects. Love or infatuation? This should be the question that moves someone who is beginning to doubt what she is experiencing and feeling regarding a lover. Remember that these two words do not mean the same thing, that falling in love is a passing stage and love is a lasting feeling. If the case is that you have asked yourself "am I in love with my lover?" or "Did my partner fall in love with another person?", in this Psychology-Online article you will find the signs that a person is in love with their lover.

In the first place, it is prudent to know what components a lovers relationship has, and this type of relationships are supposed to be based on passion, eroticism, and desire rather than affection or romance per se. That would explain why the alarms go off when you begin to notice that it is not only passion that moves you in that relationship, but that there is more, because that is not supposed to happen.

Those alarms are signaling that it is time to inquire and find out what is happening. Lover relationships are considered unhealthy, in part, because they violate the principle of monogamy that governs couples average, in addition to the dissonance it projects between what is reflected (having a family) and what is done (acting contrary to what the It constitutes). However, beyond the interpretations that can be attributed to this type of situation, part of that reality is that the person in question is in conflict with himself / herself even if he does not know it, either due to his situation as a couple or isolated internal conflicts that have an impact as collateral damage (not minor) in his love life.

That said, it is natural that it becomes difficult to identify what the real sentimental situation is with respect to a lover. However, you will see below some signs that are indicators that something has changed.

If, after seeing the signs that a person is in love with his lover, you have felt identified, it is normal for you to ask yourself what to do. How to know if it is reciprocal? How to act with your marriage? The keys to solving this complex situation are self-knowledge and honesty. First of all, you need to reflect on what you really want. In second place, you must act honestly with your feelings and sincere with the other people involved. In these articles you will find more information on the subject:

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This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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