How to combat anxiety about quitting smoking

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to combat anxiety about quitting smoking

Today, many people decide to quit smoking for good. Tobacco is associated with multiple diseases such as cancer or cardiorespiratory difficulties. For that same reason, the decision to quit smoking is one of the most beneficial steps we can take in our lives.

However, as it is an addiction, quitting tobacco presents some obstacles and symptoms typical of an addiction. abstinence syndrome. Anxiety about quitting smoking is one of the most common problems and is associated with most relapses to tobacco use. You want to know how to combat anxiety to quit smoking? Then take note of the advice that we offer you in this Psychology-Online article.

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  1. How to quit smoking easily
  2. Quitting Smoking: Emotional Consequences
  3. How long does anxiety last when quitting smoking?

How to quit smoking easily.

This is one of the questions that people who want to quit smoking ask themselves the most. The truth is that, as in any addiction, there is no easy path. It's about perseverance, willpower, and motivation to improve your health. Quitting smoking does not only mean giving up a habit, cigarettes contain nicotine, a very addictive that when removed from our body produces anxiety and other symptoms of a syndrome of abstinence.

How to quit smoking easily? While it is true that there is no universal formula for everyone and that each person needs to follow some steps or others, these tips to quit smoking are usually the most effective.

1. Do sports regularly

Physical exercise has numerous benefits for our body and mind, it releases endorphins and reduces the levels of anxiety that we can produce when we quit smoking. So practicing physical exercise on a regular basis can help us fight the anxiety to quit smoking.

2. Use electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are one of the preferred means for users to quit smoking. According to the data provided by Vapo, the leading portal in articles to quit smoking, in the last year they have opened more than 100 stores destined to sell electronic cigarettes only in the community of Madrid.

These objects replace the combustion of tobacco by the vapor of liquids product of a mix of flavors with a certain level of nicotine, this level can be reduced until it is completely stopped.

3. Consult a specialist

There are many therapists specialized in combat anxiety to quit smokingThis is because the psychological and emotional consequences can generate a lot of discomfort in the person who suffers it. If you think you need help, it is important to consult a specialist in order to quit smoking.

4. Practice meditation and other relaxation exercises

In order to control negative emotional states, it is important to learn different relaxation techniques. Among them, we highlight meditation and breathing exercises. These techniques will help you to calm your anxiety levels and to be able to overcome the withdrawal syndrome.

How to combat anxiety to quit smoking - How to quit smoking easily

Stop smoking: emotional consequences.

The effects on the body when quitting smoking are numerous, as we have mentioned before, it is about of a withdrawal syndrome that can lead to bradycardia, weight gain, insomnia, weakness muscular... In addition to the physical effects, it is important to discuss the emotional consequences of quitting smoking:

  • Anxiety about quitting smoking
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Depressed mood

What happens to our brain when we stop smoking?

There are some receptors in our neurons that, when we consume cigarettes, are responsible for reuptake nicotine, thus creating a habit to receive this molecule. That is, we accustom our brain to having nicotine in it. For that reason, when deciding to quit smoking, it is normal for the brain to take some time to get used to living without nicotine.

The positive part of this process is that, after a certain amount of time, we can see the obvious benefits of quitting smoking:

  • More lung capacity
  • Better health
  • Good mood in general and positive mentality
  • There is no dependence on a substance
  • Economic savings
  • Better physical appearance (the skin is oxygenated better and therefore, we have a rejuvenated appearance)
How to combat anxiety to quit smoking - Quitting smoking: emotional consequences

How long does anxiety last when quitting smoking?

Depending on the level of addiction, the anxiety to quit smoking lasts more or less. Withdrawal symptoms usually do not last more than three days (between two and three days normally). However, having "activated" the nicotine receptors in our body, we will continue to have the urge to want to smoke on more than one occasion despite having quit.

Under this statement, it is said that an ex-smoker is more likely to use tobacco again than a person who has never tried it. Therefore, if you have decided to stop smoking, it is important that you always have an alternative to avoid temptation.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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