How to get the attention of the person you like

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to get the attention of the person you like

Calling the attention of the person we are interested in and being an attractive person in their eyes is something that we all want to achieve and that sometimes we do not know how. We assume that if someone is not initially attracted to us, we can never reverse that situation. Nothing is further from reality.

It is possible to attract the attention of the person you like and become someone interesting and attractive in their eyes, even if at first you feel that you did not attract their attention. In this online Psychology article, we will show you 16 tips on how to get the attention of the person you like in a simple, natural and very effective way.

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  1. Law of proximity
  2. Law of familiarity
  3. Law of similarity
  4. Law of physical attraction
  5. Personality law
  6. Law of reciprocity
  7. Law of desirability
  8. Law of effort
  9. Bring out your virtues
  10. Know the other for real
  11. The gift of honesty
  12. Be open and understanding
  13. Generate intimacy
  14. Humor and simplicity
  15. The loyalty
  16. The challenge

Law of proximity.

If you wonder how to get the attention of the person you like, you should know that the more contact you have with someone, the more chances there are that you will be attractive in their eyes. For this reason, some people who frequent the same places, such as work, university or the apartment block where they reside, have a better chance of seeing each other and end up being a couple.

It is proven that it exists greater likelihood of being attracted to the people we see on a daily basis, since seeing someone continuously allows us to get to know them more and more and to generate bonds that promote greater intimacy and trust. We are surrounded by stimuli that attract our attention on a daily basis, so proximity and familiarity make it easy to attract someone's attention and make them feel attracted to you.

So, a tip to get the attention of the person you like is to generate encounters spontaneous frequenting the same places or looking for some instance that favors the proximity between both. The more spaces you share or coincide together, the easier it will be to establish a link. Seeing each other often builds confidence and privacy, which favors positive emotions and the emergence of love.

Law of familiarity.

When we continually run into someone in various contexts, that person, their face and who they are, we is becoming more and more familiar, regardless of whether we have ever spoken or had any contact with her. The familiarity effect obtained from seeing the same person a lot in different contexts makes that that person transmits confidence to us and, therefore, we lower our barriers and defenses with her, what favors the bond and encourages instances of closeness and connection.

To the extent that we often see a person, the fear of the new until it disappears, since we are checking that there is no danger. That makes us change our disposition as we gain more confidence and relax. So, as we perceive someone as more familiar, increases the probability of improving our disposition towards the other.

In addition, what generates the greatest attraction is seeing the same stimulus a high number of repetitions, in short periods, because it is more easily taxed in the mind.

Law of similarity.

What to do to get the attention of the person you like? We are attracted to that which is similar to us, either to ourselves, to our environment or to our family. We seek the known and unconsciously we recognize ourselves in it.
That similarity that is attractive to us can be found in attitudes, gestures, ways of being, looks, interests, hobbies, personality, etc. This happens because we are all deeply excited about the idea of ​​finding a person with whom to share everything. what we are passionate about, someone who matches our values ​​and with whom we can create goals and dreams together.

So, a trick to To get the attention of the person you like is to look for similarities with him or her. There are almost always things we have in common, you just have to discover them. Show them, put them into words and make them evident so that the other person can see them too.

Law of physical attraction.

It is known that everything initially comes through sight. There are many tricks to take advantage of your beauty to attract the attention of the person you like. We all have potential beauty. You just have to optimize it and use it as a tool to our advantage. Initially everything comes through the sense of sight and smell, so dressing in something that you feel comfortable with can be a good way to capture the attention of the desired person.

The physical aspect is a key element when it comes to feeling attractionBut something you probably didn't know is that we don't just look for aesthetically beautiful, we look for what is familiar to us. In the end, we end up attracting that person who has a component that is familiar to us, since we feel that he harmonizes with us.

Law of personality.

There are many personality characteristics that can be attractive to a person and, therefore, be attracted to them. At a general level, there are two characteristics that are universally very attractive to all of us: the social skills and the aptitudes that a person possesses.

People who are sociable, warm, cheerful, close, loving and who get on easily with others, we appear attractive, as do people who are smart and outstanding at work and who have talents or skills. We are strongly attracted to those we admire. A person's personality can be extremely captivating.

Therefore, another tip to get the attention of the person you like is to show your skills, abilities and aptitudes. Therefore, a trick to get the attention of the person you like is show your abilities, skills and abilities.

Law of reciprocity.

We tend to be attracted to those people who make us feel comfortable with who we are, that reinforce our achievements and skills and that help us feel safe and happy with those who are. We seek to admire the other, but we also like other people to feel admiration and pride for us.

To the extent that we reinforce the other person, we make them happy and they will want to repeat those behaviors that we like. In addition, positive reinforcement helps the other to feel safe and that helps to generate greater bonds. So, to get the attention of the person you like it is important tell him what you like about him or her. In this article, you will see how to tell someone you like.

Law of desirability.

We find it extremely attractive that which is desirable to us, that seduces us and we love it. We are all capable of liking whoever we want and confidence and security in yourself is the basis of attractiveness. To the extent that we feel confident about ourselves and we feel attractive, we will transmit that image to the other person.

In that sense, beauty is 100% attitude that we project to others. People who feel comfortable with themselves and happy to be who they are and how they are, seem highly attractive and desirable to us. Therefore, the biggest trick to get the attention of the person you like is to love yourself. In this article, we tell you how to improve self esteem.

Law of effort.

How to get the attention of the person you like? When we invest time in someone, even if the conquest process is slow, sooner or later it bears fruit. If the person knows your intentions and they will probably like the attention and time you spend on them and that will capture their interest. So if you want to get someone's attention, show him that you are interested. In this article, we show you some techniques and tips for flirting.

Bring out your virtues.

We all have an innate seducer within ourselves, we just have to discover it and bring it to light. A good way to do it is pay attention to our character traits that are attractive in the eyes of others. In order to be attractive to the eyes of the person you like, it is best to be authentic, sincere and at the same time bring out your virtues.

Know the other for real.

To the extent that we connect with the other person, we seek to know them, see what they are like, who they are, what moves them in life, what they find attractive, etc. On the one hand, we attend to her needs and, on the other, we are showing a real interest in really getting to know her. That is extremely attractive.

Therefore, if you want to get the attention of the person you like, one of the best tips is listen carefully and be interested in knowing him for real: who is he, what he does and what moves him in this life. That allows you to connect with the things that move it and make it vibrate, in addition, you will allow yourself to discover similarities between you.

The gift of honesty.

Many people lie to us to impress us or to seduce us, but sooner or later the lie comes to light and once it is discovered we begin to distrust everything that follows. It is easy to lose trust in someone, but very difficult to regain it.

Therefore, honesty is a value highly desired and valued by others. To the extent that we are honest, we generate trust and that, without a doubt, favors rapprochement and the formation of bonds. So if you want to get the attention of the person you like, be honest. That will create deeper ties and healthier ties.

Be open and understanding.

Being open, free from prejudice and understanding is essential for the other person to feel comfortable. Open people make us feel more secure and happy with who we are, we feel accepted and we can be who we really are without fear. Furthermore, this generates a closer relationship with the other.

So, to get the attention of the person you like, try to be as open as possible when meeting them. Achieving such a connection is extremely attractive to others because today it is difficult for all of us to connect in that way with others.

Generate intimacy.

Intimacy is a very powerful basis in any type of bond since it helps us to strengthen ties. We speak of intimacy when we refer to a very close and trusting relationship that allows us to access the inner and deeper world of the other person and vice versa.

To get the attention of the person you like, try to create an intimate space where you can have closeness and trust. Generating instances of conversation, where you can talk about everything, will help strengthen the relationship.

Humor and simplicity.

How to get the attention of the person you like? Two key and extremely attractive elements when it comes to conquest are humor and simplicity. Believe it or not, they are two qualities that stand out in people and what they attract a lot of attention.

It is proven that simple people who enjoy life are much more attractive to us than those who appear to be something they are not and who fill their lives with false aggregates. To get the attention of the person you like, it is best to be as natural, cheerful and as simple as possible.

The loyalty.

Loyalty is one of the most sought-after values ​​when it comes to establishing ties, be it loving or friendly. We are looking for people to trust and who are consistent and consistent with themselves and their values. People who are clear about who they are and what we can expect from them. Therefore, to like and attract the attention of the person you like, the best thing is be loyal to her from the start. This will help to generate greater closeness and develop a stronger bond.

The challenge.

Although it is extremely necessary to show your interest for the other to see it, it is important not to tell them everything about yourself and to be a bit mysterious, that is, not stop being a challenge for the other. Make him understand that there are still many things about you to know. That will make him want to spend more time with you and discover new things about you.

Magic is extremely important, especially at the beginning of a relationship, so it is important to maintain it. It is a game of flirtation and seduction that is good to put as a special ingredient. We all find it extremely attractive mystery and coquetry. So here we leave you some signs someone likes you.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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