How A Woman IN LOVE Acts: +30 Signs

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How a woman in love acts

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful and pleasant sensations that people can experience, although it can also lead to bad experiences.

But identifying whether or not a person is in love with us and, from there, acting accordingly, can become complex. Therefore, in Psychology-Online, we want to make things a little easier for you and provide you with a series of symptoms, behaviors and behaviors that help you identify whether or not a woman is in love.

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  1. Symptoms of a woman in love: 23 signs
  2. Behavior woman in love
  3. Gestures of a woman in love
  4. How a woman in love acts silently

Symptoms of a woman in love: 23 signs.

Not all women are cut from the same pattern, just like every man is also completely different. However, there are a number of signs that may indicate that a woman is experiencing infatuation. In the presence or thought of the person for whom she feels love, a woman in love may present the following changes:

  1. She wants to spend more time with the person she is in love with.
  2. Smile frequently at comments and even at the mere presence of the other person.
  3. He seeks to tell her how she was in her day.
  4. She blushes at any emotional contact.
  5. Minimize the less good parts of that person while exaggerating the best.
  6. She includes him in all her future plans.
  7. Through details he expresses her love for the other person.
  8. Your acquaintances know the existence of that person.
  9. The moments with her are more fun thanks to her good humor.
  10. He does not hide the love he has for you.
  11. Try to please the other person.
  12. She has the confidence to tell him the most embarrassing thing about her.
  13. He will worry about your emotional state.
  14. Take the initiative to get started and to carry on a conversation.
  15. Find eye contact with the other person.
  16. Intense feeling of joy, euphoria and happiness.
  17. Increased energy.
  18. You may lose your normal sleep rhythm.
  19. Loss of appetite
  20. General tremor.
  21. Incrise of cardiac frecuency.
  22. Hyperventilation
  23. Anxiety about the problems derived from the relationship.

These changes are mostly due to chemical changes that infatuation produces.

Behavior woman in love.

The behavior of a woman in love is completely oriented towards get the person's attention which makes you experience that feeling.

Many of these behaviors are quite unconscious, such as the fact that whenever she gets a chance, she will talk about the person she is attracted to. No matter what it counts, you will simply need to name it as many times as possible, reflecting this that the person is inside his thoughts a big part of your day.

In the next article you will find more information about Characteristics of the state of infatuation.

Gestures of a woman in love.

It is said that the body can betray us when we are in love because, even if we try by all means restrain our instincts and emotions, this will have more control than we we want.

The body language of a woman can betray her even when she is she is trying not to show it. Next, I leave you a list of gestures which could indicate that a woman is in love:

  1. Eye contact. You will look carefully at the person you are attracted to, but you will not only look at them, but you will seek to create eye contact with them.
  2. Her body will lean slightly towards the other person with the goal of being closer to her.
  3. Touching hair or clothing. This is usually considered the quintessential flirting sign, however, this can also indicate that she feels nervous or shy towards the presence of the person in love.
  4. Inevitable blush. It is something that, as much as we want, we cannot avoid.
  5. Moisten and part your lips It is a gesture of sexual desire and sexual attraction towards the other person and, even more so if the woman performs it by fixing her eyes on the other's lips.
  6. Use subtle touches to establish contact with the other person. These are more difficult to identify as they can be done intentionally or accidentally.
  7. The smile It is a gesture which will be able to give us many clues about what a woman feels towards the other person. A woman in love smiles when she has in front of the person for whom she feels that attraction without being able to hide it. In addition, you also have it simply because you are talking about that person.

How a woman in love acts in silence.

Some women, because of low self-esteem and fear of being rejected, hide their emotions towards the other person and try to avoid in every way that the other discovers that they are in love.

However, as we have said before, there are a series of behaviors and behaviors which, no matter how much we try to avoid, we do them unconsciously. These would be some of them:

  1. Look a lot at the other person, especially when she is distracted, thus avoiding the possibility of creating eye contact and being discovered.
  2. Talk about that person to everyone, however, the moment she is she appears she becomes quiet and serious automatically.
  3. Since she doesn't want to be discovered for the other person, their behavior will be elusive and indifferent. If you know her, you will know that this is not her usual behavior, so there you have a clue that she can feel for you.
  4. Even if I try to prove otherwise, it affects what you do or what you say. This is a complicated situation because, it is possible that without your knowing it, you are telling the person who is in love with you that you like another person. That is why their way of acting in the face of this indicates their feelings towards you.

Whether or not reciprocated and / or shared, the state of falling in love is fleeting. Find out in the following article How long does falling in love last according to psychology.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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