How to stop being in love

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to stop being in love

There are situations in which the wisest thing a person can consider is to stop being in love. This happens when you are in an unhappy relationship, when you have been trying to forget an ex for years or when you have a platonic love in front of you. Unrequited love in the same way does a lot of damage and not only the mind deteriorates when enduring the pressure of pain but also the body since unpleasant emotions leave their mark. A heartbreak exhausts, robs you of vitality and produces anxiety.

Far from romantic ideals, sometimes killing love in a conscious way is the best option. That is, killing the affection towards another person can be the first step to discover yourself. For this reason, in Psychology-Online we are going to discover you how to stop being in love giving you some good advice and recommendations that will help you overcome this situation.

If you want to know how to stop being in love, it is important that you start making a series of changes that will help you overcome this phase. Think one thing:

your life depends on you. And, therefore, it is in your hands that you can regain your well-being and turn the page. Therefore, here are some tips to stop having these feelings and to be able to live your life again without pain or suffering.

Cultivate positive thinking

There are ways of thinking that are self-destructive. For example, avoid thinking that you will never find someone special. Avoid all thoughts that link you to the role of victim. Take the situation as it is and clip the wings of negative thinking. The fewer value judgments you make based on your experiences, the better. It is what we think from a reality that makes us feel worse than reality itself.

Become your highest priority

Wanting to stop being in love begins with a personal decision. The decision to want to stop suffering and having a bad time when you are called to enjoy life and be happy. For this reason, you can make this situation your goal and, therefore, day by day you will work so that that person stops occupying a large part of your thoughts and, in his place, you take his place.

Accept the situation and turn the page

Don't use jealousy or indifference as a weapon of seduction. Do not expect anything more from that story, close the chapter to move forward. Forget about the possibility of "reconquest" because, as everyone says, "the second parts were never good." Do not cling to your hope for a future with that person if, now, loving him is hurting you. It's over. You are worth more than that. And life is not there to suffer, don't you think?

Banish romantic and false ideas of love

Do not torture yourself: he is neither your better half, nor the love of your life. There are many "half oranges" along the way that you will find. De-idealize that person and treat them for what they really are: a person for whom you have felt something very strong and who, for whatever reason, now you no longer want to continue loving. If you have come this far, it is because you have made a strong determination and the situation was already unbearable for you. So, get the fairytale movies out of your head and get ready to be the master of your life again. You deserve it.

How to stop being in love - 5 tips to stop being in love

It is likely that you have ever wondered if you can stop loving a person you love deeply. The truth is YES, of course you can. It will hurt a bit to do it, especially at first, but if you are asking yourself this question it is because it really healthier for you is to turn the page and forget once and for all about that person who is making you suffer.

But how can you stop being in love? With much determination, willpower and self-confidence. It is essential that you be firm in your decision and that, above all, you always have very clear the reasons why you are making this decision. Thus, if one day you are more "sensitive" you will only have to remember the reasons and, surely, that you fill yourself with strength.

  • Write a list and hang it on the mirror: At the beginning we recommend that you have a list with your reasons why you want to forget that person. Write it now, with a clear mind and with the determination that this is the healthiest decision for you. Hang it on the mirror or in the fridge, in a place that you can always see so that you always keep in mind how it is making you feel and not waver.
  • Surround yourself with your friends: Even if you are sad, it is important that you do not lock yourself at home and that you continue to maintain contact with your friends. Otherwise, two important sufferings such as heartbreak and isolation are added.
  • Remove its trace from your life: a very effective technique to forget a person is to "erase" them from your life, that is, delete as many photos as possible have them at home (you don't have to throw them away, just keep them so you don't see them), delete your messages from your mobile, your emails, etc. It is important to make a "clean slate", as the saying goes, so that you can start over.
  • Spend time on your hobbies and hobbies: in order to stop being in love with a person it is important that you become the center of your life. Therefore, we recommend that you spend time doing what you like so much, that you sign up to learn new things... Open yourself to the world and let life surprise you. You sure love what's out there waiting for you.
  • Friendship will come later: And something very important is that, if you want to forget a person, you have to go through a stage of "mourning". You have to separate, learn to live without each other, complete each other to the fullest, and then later with the time, you can meet for a coffee and, who knows, maybe you can reinvent your relationship and try to be friends. But, time to time.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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