The emotional chemistry between two people

  • Jul 26, 2021
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The emotional chemistry between two people

Emotions are a fascinating world and we still have a lot to discover. Sometimes we may meet people with whom we have strong chemistry, but we dare not go through with it. It is important to know to what extent the attraction is reciprocal in order to establish strong links.

The connection that can arise between two people, whether in the realm of love or friendship, is fascinating. Theemotional chemistry It occurs when they meet and share the same map of the world and mutual emotions.

But in addition, an experience of this type is very rewarding, since produces pleasant emotions: living in the present, motivation to enjoy the routine, hope, feeling of company, and the experience of having connected in an almost transcendental way with the map of another person. Keep reading this Psychology-Online article if you want to know the signs and benefits of the emotional chemistry between two people.

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  1. Chemistry between two people: signs
  2. Benefits of emotional chemistry in a relationship
  3. Difference between physical and chemical attraction
  4. Emotional chemistry in the family

Chemistry between two people: signs.

How do you know if there is emotional chemistry between two people? We have to admit that sometimes it is difficult for us to know if there is a mutual attraction between two people. The signs are not always clear and sometimes it is better to ask directly than to misunderstand. However, there are some signs that can help us know if there is an attraction or connection.

Body language

Sometimes we dare not express that connection verbally, but our body gives us away. When two people get closer than usual and do not look away (or on the contrary they look furtively) it is usually a clear sign that there is a strong chemistry between them. Also symptoms of attraction are getting nervous when we talk to that person, having dilated pupils, playing with an object while we talk, touch our hair...

Shared interests

Once the nerve barrier is passed, it begins to emerge the trust. The mental connection between two people begins to become apparent when they start talking and discover that they share many interests. Having common conversation topics reinforces the emotional bond and trust in the other. In addition, sharing opinions prevents future conflicts and discussions.

Long conversations

When sharing passions, it is inevitable to have long conversations, be it talking about movies, series, recipes, animals... It is at that moment when a further step is taken and people who have a strong chemistry begin to share personal spaces, to be alone and to open up with their intimacies. Trust builds slowly. At this point, the emotional chemistry is already evident.


When the attraction is inevitable, it often leads to passion, either in sexual contact or in the creation of a strong emotional bond that will last over time. Both displays of passion are usually a turning point in the relationship between two people. Emotional chemistry plays a leading role in them and this can bring great benefits in your relationship.

Benefits of emotional chemistry in a relationship.

Emotional chemistry is very powerful and beneficial. It is a true treasure that is worth cultivating and enhancing so that a relationship grows and the affective bond grows of affection. The magic between two people is not maintained from nothing, that is, as if it were a plant, it must be gifted with positive details, time and beautiful words. Maintaining and strengthening the bond is very important, otherwise, the emotional chemistry also dies to the beat of the indifference that arises from the distance.

For example, sometimes it may happen that after many years you meet someone with whom you had a special bond. However, emotions have changed and the order of priorities has changed as well. In a way, two people can become strangers again after many years without seeing each other. And it is always disappointing to face the knowledge that not enough was done to maintain the bond.

On the other hand, caring for and fighting for a healthy relationship can lead to happy stability. Thus avoiding, arguing a lot with our partner for nonsense. Also, if the initial chemistry is maintained, that relationship will not fade and will be able to overcome day-to-day challenges.

Emotional chemistry between two people - Benefits of emotional chemistry in a relationship

Difference between physical and chemical attraction

Emotional chemistry can be accompanied by strong physical attraction or vice versa. But they do not always coincide, it is important to differentiate between physical and chemical attraction:

  • Physical attraction: goes hand in hand with sexual attraction. This is characterized by a bodily approach and a high desire to kiss or have sex with the other person. When there are external factors that prevent this approach, the so-called sexual tension occurs.
  • Chemical attraction: commonly known as simply chemistry. It goes a little beyond physical attraction, it talks about the thoughts, feelings and emotions that two people share. Chemical attraction is essential if we want to establish lasting bonds, since it is what nurtures our emotions and makes us feel good about the other person.

Emotional chemistry in the family.

Emotional chemistry can also occur between two people in the same family who have a deepest affection, they share and enjoy the present with respect. It is possible to feel such emotional chemistry even across geographic distance. In these cases there is no physical attraction, it is merely an affectionate bond full of love and affection. It can help us to establish a supportive social network that helps us in our lowest moments.

Emotional chemistry in the family brings similar psychological benefits to emotional chemistry in relationships. In fact, on many occasions, the couple is a step prior to forming such a family.

Emotional chemistry between two people - Emotional chemistry in the family

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