How to say I love you without saying it

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to say "I love you" without saying it

Have you been thinking about confessing your feelings to that special person for a while, but you don't know how or when? It is possible that, at first, we do not know how to do it and if it is the best time to say "I love you". Declare our love openly is not an easy step, this is because we expose our intimacies to another person and it can be something dangerous for us. Self-esteem, however, is something necessary if what we want is to take a step further in the relationship with the other individual or, simply, we want to remove that concern that we carry within. If we feel that we must declare ourselves but are afraid of not being reciprocated, we can try a series of hints to test the waters.

It can also be the case that we are in a couple and want to express our love in another way and surprise our boyfriend / girlfriend. Whatever the case, it is important to be brave and openly express our feelings, in this Psychology-Online article we will show you how to say "I love you" without saying it.

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  1. Prudent time to say "I love you"
  2. Say "I love you" in other words: 6 tricks
  3. Say 'I love you' and they don't answer you
  4. Other ways to say "I love you" without saying it

Prudent time to say "I love you"

What is the perfect time to come forward?

It is possible that we ask ourselves this question again and again, on a social level it is always said that we must allow a reasonable time to pass to declare our love. However, if we are clear about what we feel, there is nothing wrong with saying "I love you" after a few days.

The purpose of declaring our love should be purely expressive, that is, not expecting a "I will love you too. I want "since we are projecting a multitude of expectations that can be detrimental to us. Be a true love of couple reciprocated or not, it is important to know that we must take the step, saying I love you without expecting anything in return is a huge exercise of courage. Definitely, there is no wise time to say "I love you" if what we want is to open ourselves to a person.

How to say "I love you" without saying it - Prudent time to say "I love you"

Say "I love you" in other words: 6 tricks.

There are several reasons why we want to say "I love you" without saying it. Either out of fear, shame or because we are looking for another way to express our love towards that person we hold so dear. Whatever the reason, we recommend the following Ways to say "I love you" indirectly:

1. Take time to listen to their problems and feelings

Sometimes paying attention to what that person has to tell us is a clear sign of appreciation. We are social beings and, despite our differences, we always appreciate have someone to trust. If we want to show you how much we appreciate your company, it is important to devote a little of our attention to your emotions.

2. Support that person

It is possible that the one or the one we appreciate so much needs a boost in their professional career, her studies, in a vital decision... Therefore, it is essential to be by your side to support and demonstrate that, whenever you need it, we will be by your side.

3. Take care of the details and surprises

Another way to say "I love you" without words is by making him surprises that few people could make you, taking care of every detail to give the correct message but without overwhelming the other person (in the event that we are not sure that love is reciprocated). For example, remembering him or her during a concert and calling during her favorite song or inviting him / her to her favorite restaurant. It is important to observe if your reaction predisposes you to go ahead with the details or not, if the the person feels at ease with such attention or if, on the contrary, it seems to show a certain discomfort.

4. Express how much you care

Either verbally or through caresses and physical contact (if the opportunity is given and you are both at ease). It is important to let him or her know how important he or she is to you. It is a very sincere and open way of saying "I love you", once you take this step, it will be easier for you to go ahead and declare yourself openly.

5. Give him the space he or she needs

Although we all like to receive love and details, sometimes we need our intimate and personal space. Understanding that the person we love so much also needs this space and giving it to them is a very necessary token of love. Not respect the space of others And not giving it a margin of freedom can be a sign of toxic behavior that we should avoid.

6. Dare to say 'I love you'

Once these reflections have been shown to say "I love you" without saying it, it is time to ask ourselves whether to take the step or not. If we have felt comfortable following the other advice, the other person has shown appreciation and it has turned out to be reciprocal, there is no reason to be afraid to say out loud that you love them.

In the event that it is already your partner and you have expressed it before, it never hurts to say "I love you" from time to time. Tokens of love keep the flame and affection between two people alive.

How to say "I love you" without saying it - Say "I love you" in other words: 6 tricks

Say 'I love you' and they don't respond to you.

"What happens if I tell him that I love him but he doesn't reciprocate?"

We must be clear that this situation can occur, despite trying to show our love, that person may not feel the same for us. This situation, despite being painful, does not have to be something to reproach anyone, the other person owes us nothing If you really don't feel it from your heart, for that reason, we will have to cope with a rejection in the best possible way.

Suffering a heartbreak can have important consequences on our mental health, both in self-esteem and in our security. That is why, before knowing how to say "I love you", we will have to develop strategies to be stronger internally and love ourselves before anyone else. Self-love is the most effective fortress against a heartbreak.

Saying "I love you" and not being answered should not be an impediment to continue looking for that person with whom enjoy life, if your goal is that but it is difficult for you to find someone, we recommend the following article on why is it so hard for me to find a partner.

Other ways to say "I love you" without saying it.

It is likely that we have heard these phrases in our partner, good friends or family, the following words are Indirect signs of love that our loved ones make to us every day and that, on many occasions, we do not realize they:

  • How was your day?
  • I saw this and I remembered you
  • Today it will be cold, take care
  • I miss you
  • I have left some food, I thought that today you would arrive hungry
  • Would you like to see this movie that you told me?
  • Have a great time, tomorrow tell me how it went
  • Best of luck in the meeting!
  • I am here for what you need

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