Types of couple love and relationships

  • Jul 26, 2021
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For Inma Garcia Jorge. Updated: March 20, 2018

Types of couple love and relationships

Surely on many occasions you have asked yourself what exactly is love, since sometimes one does not know very well how to define it, and it can be confused with another type of emotion. Relax, you are not the only one who has done it! Love has been and continues to be the object of study in Psychology. What do you think is the reason for so much interest? From my point of view, because it is one of the most valued and appreciated emotions, which is closely related to what we understand by happiness.

Well, from a biological point of view, it would be an interaction between pheromones and oxytocin... But... this does not solve the doubt, does it? Perhaps with a closer definition we can understand it better. We will say, therefore, that love is a complex and universal emotion, inherent in the human being. In this Psychology-Online article we talk about the types of couple love and relationships.

And what types of relationships can we find? One of the theories with the greatest theoretical and practical weight is

Sternberg's triangular theory (1988). According to him, love would be divided into three basic elements (PASSION, PRIVACY AND COMMITMENT) that would make the couple relationships were completely different from other relationships and the failure or deficit of any of them would be responsible for the problems of partner.

  1. PASSION o DESIRE would be the feeling of enjoying the other as well as the desire to want to be with the other person. Attraction, interest, the search for pleasure or sexual desire would be the sub-elements that would make it up and that give us the feeling of exclusivity compared to other relationships.
  2. The PRIVACY it corresponds to the bond or support we get from the relationship. The desire for the welfare of the other person, intimate communication, mutual knowledge, appreciation, respect,... Unconditional support is derived from this element, it provides well-being in hard times.
  3. The COMMITMENT It is the decision to love the other person and to maintain that relationship. It promotes stability in relationships based on trust, the responsibility assumed by each member, the recognition of obligations, etc.
Types of couple love and relationships - Types of love

It is the combination of these elements that gives rise to seven different types of relationships, with a greater degree of well-being and / or duration.

  1. Dear: this is the intimate affection that characterizes true friendships. You feel a bond and a closeness with the other person, but not physical passion or long-term commitment.
  2. Infatuation: it is what commonly feels like "love at first sight." There is no privacy or commitment. As it appears fleetingly, they can also disappear with the same speed.
  3. Empty love: there is a union by commitment, but passion and intimacy no longer exist. They don't feel anything for each other, but there is a sense of respect and reciprocity. Typical of marriages of convenience or those that do it for the children.
  4. Romantic love: They are relationships in which there is a bond on an emotional level thanks to the support obtained, as well as a great physical attraction. They would be those relationships that perceive everything rosy, without problems or difficulties.
  5. Sociable or companion love: It is a type of love without passion, but in contrast there is great affection and the desire to share facts with the other person.
  6. Fatuous or crazy love: they are relationships in which attraction strengthens commitment. No conversations or goals are shared, the fundamental thing is the desire to be with the other person in relation to the attraction. They are usually relationships in which there is a third person who performs the role of support and confidant, since it is not achieved within the relationship itself.
  7. Consummate love: represents the ideal relationship, although difficult to achieve and, even more difficult, to maintain.

It is often considered that the feelings of people involved in love relationships are the only ingredient necessary for the smooth running of them. However, its development is affected by a considerable number of aspects whose combinations are of great interest.

Types of couple love and relationships - Types of couple relationships

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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