Tips to know if my partner cheats on me sexually

  • Jul 26, 2021
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Tips to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually

If you are reading this article right now it is because you surely have a great suspicion that your partner is having sex with another person. How do you know if your partner is cheating on you sexually? To more accurately detect whether or not your partner is cheating on you sexually, in this Psychology-Online article: tips to know if my partner cheats on me sexually, we will explain to you what are some keys that can be indicative of a betrayal. However, you must take into account that this is not going to guarantee 100% that your partner is cheating on you, each case is different and it does not have to be that way always.

In consultation, it is common to hear "my partner cheats on me and denies it" and to receive questions such as: how do I know if my boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on me? There is no single psychological profile of an unfaithful personHowever, we can name many behaviors and signals in common. When we know our partner very well, it is easier to know that something strange is happening, we may not be clear exactly what it is but we intuit that it may be something specific, in this case it may be betraying. So if you notice that your partner is no longer the same with you, their attitudes and daily routines have drastically changed, effectively something is wrong. In addition, you can also perform the

infidelity test.

Changes in routine

Your partner used to have the same routine every day, he had well-defined schedules, his time to leave work and get home was always the same, he did not go out very often with his friends and when he did he would arrive more or less early, he would exercise on certain days a week, which he also had well defined, etc. Now you notice that even though your start and end times remain the same, arrives later than normal, if you used to see your friends every so often, now you see them much more often, out of nowhere commitments or extra activities That never happened before, the time he used to spend with you has been reduced a lot and now he spends much more time away from home.

For one reason or another, he prohibits you from accompanying him to do certain activities outside the home, they are left to do something to a certain time and does not arrive on time, so you make up little credible excuses justifying your delay, among others things. It must be taken into account that all these attitudes have been repeated for a long time, so we cannot say that for Having been doing the same thing for 3 days, you are dealing with an infidelity, we must not take into account specific cases, this must continuous.

He is aware of the time and the phone all the time

If you know that your partner does not have any other commitment or other extraordinary situation that forces him to be aware all the time of the hour and the phone and yet now it has been doing it for many days, it may be that something is wrong. In this case, other attitudes to take into account would be the one that when it is at pending the time and phoneHe always has it in his pants pocket or somewhere where you can't easily see it. You notice that every time a message or call arrives, he tries to hide who is communicating with him and even goes somewhere else, away from you to answer that person.

It may also be that you perform these types of actions, such as waiting for a message or a call to arrive at specific times and repeating the same pattern every day. Another attitude that you can consider is that they get upset every time you pick up their phone, even if you do it with the sole intention of holding it or for some other reason than spying on them.

Doesn't want to have sex with you

You notice that his sexual appetite has decreased considerably and that he has stopped wanting to have sexual encounters with you when previously it was not. Definitely, especially if your partner has always been quite sexually active, this will be the strongest proof that he is indeed having sex with another person. It may be that when you want to have a sexual encounter with him (her), she rejects you directly telling you that she does not feel like it and / or makes up some excuse for not doing it as For example, they are very tired, they are very stressed, they go to bed earlier than usual and they even pretend to be asleep so that you do not say anything to them, etc.

Here it is necessary rule out any other reason for which he is behaving in this way such as that he is going through for a moment very difficult and stressful in a certain area of ​​your life, a grief, being depressed or present a hypoactive sexual desire disorder among other things. Also take into account how often you have been behaving in this way.

Behavior changes when your partner cheats on you

You notice that your partner it is not the same as before, he behaves with you in a very strange way and you perceive that he no longer feels the same for you.

This can be very evident in certain behaviors such as the fact that he no longer wants to spend as much time with you as he did before, on the contrary, he gives more importance to the plans what he does with his friends, family or other people close to him, he has stopped being the loving person you knew and behaves in a more cold and distant way, he has forgotten the details that were very important before, he prefers to call other people on the phone before you, you feel that he is looking for some pretext to end the relationship, he does not worry about you and for your physical or emotional well-being as it did before, among many other things that make it clear that something is not right in the relationship and that that person does not love you the same as before.


If you notice that your partner has become very explosive, He gets grumpy easily and gets angry almost about everything, this can be a sign of infidelity. Especially if the things or situations for which he gets angry are not sufficient reasons for him to do so, they can even be considered as "nonsense". For example, if you suggest to your partner that they have arrived later than usual and instead of exposing you in a normal way, without getting upset, the reasons why he has done it, he begins to get excited and yell at you when answering you and exposing his excuses for which he has arrived late.

Or for example that you ask him in a good way, as you usually did, for a favor (which may interfere with his new plans) and start to get nervous and get excited telling you in a bad way that he will not be able to do it when he could have answered you in a bad way normal. As in all the previous points, to find out if your partner is cheating on you sexually, it must be ruled out that it is a specific situation or caused by an event that has previously had such as the going through a painful situation in another area of ​​your life, as well as the frequency with which you carry out this type of attitudes.

Tips to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually - How to know if your partner had sex with another person

The best way to address the situation is to discuss your doubts and concerns with your partner and ask them clearly and directly if they have been unfaithful. He may or may not tell you the truth. In case you are sure that your partner is unfaithful and denies itYou should reflect on whether you want to be with a person who does not respect you and is also not sincere with you.

On the other hand, the simple fact that you have evidence or well-founded doubts already says a lot about the relationship. If you have reached this article, it is because you have serious doubts and want to confirm what you already imagine. Confirming it is very difficult without proof and if the person denied it. However, this is not the goal. The goal is to reflect on whether you really want to maintaining a relationship with a person you don't trust.

For more information, you can read this article about how to discover an infidelity.

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