When there is lack of respect in the couple

  • Jul 26, 2021
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When there is lack of respect in the couple

When the couple becomes one of the most important people for us since it is not only a couple but that person He also becomes a partner, a friend, a confidant, therefore we must pay attention to the type of relationship we establish with her. It is essential that any relationship, especially in that of a couple, exists an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony where respect is a fundamental pillar for both.

With respect we not only mean not to verbally or physically attack the person since there are also other attitudes that although they seem subtle They are also considered as a lack of respect towards the other, such as criticism, teasing, among other situations that we will see more go ahead. So if you cannot identify whether or not there is lack of respect in your partner, in this Psychology-Online article: when there is lack of respect in the couple, we are going to let you know in which aspects you can base yourself to find out and finally you can put a stop to this situation.

Some of the signs on which you can base yourself to analyze if your relationship is truly There is a lack of respect either on your part, on the part of your partner or both, are the following:

  • Destructive criticism. When criticism of the other appears, for example, getting involved with aspects of his person, with his appearance, with his way of dressing, etc. They can also be other types of criticism related to the other person's economic situation, her cultural level, criticizing her attitudes, among other things. Many times the way of saying things to the other can be quite frivolous and hurtful and you have to take into account the intention with which things are said.
  • Teasing and humiliation. These can be from making fun of the other's way of thinking, their beliefs and ideology. For example, when the other person's religion is criticized, his perception of life, etc. There may also be teasing related to what the other person does or does not do, when they make mistakes and even when they don't but the person who attacks always tries to ridicule the other. For example, saying things like: "What a fool, you never do things right", use the take out, and so on.
  • Speak badly of the family. Another way to disrespect your partner is to speak ill of your family for whatever reason, when the other Some of them make fun of one or more of your family members or simply criticize them.
  • Do not accept their differences. It is normal that they do not share the same tastes and preferences, however the lack of respect begins when one or both despise the likes of the other to the degree of judging them for having them and messing with they.
  • Give nicknames. Many couples like to use nicknames to call the other as a way of showing their affection, however on many occasions those nicknames or nicknames can be quite offensive to the other person that even without realizing it can deteriorate the self-esteem of the other.
  • Reveal the secrets of the other. Another way to disrespect your partner or in which she may be disrespecting you is for her to tell others your personal secrets. Regardless of who it is, whether you tell your best friend, your family, or whoever it is, if it is something you you have trusted it and that you do not want anyone else to know it, the fact that I talk about it with someone else already implies a lack of I respect.
  • To lie. When lies are involved in a couple, there is already a huge problem of lack of trust. When your partner constantly lies to you, it is evident that he is not respecting that pact of union and trust that every relationship should have.
  • Abuse. When a couple gets angry they can offend and insult the other if they do not think before speaking. This lack of respect is quite serious since once you begin to insult the other it will be increasingly difficult to stop it.
When there is disrespect in the partner - Ways to disrespect in the partner

When there is lack of respect in the couple it is important to work to recover a healthy dynamic and heal a toxic relationship, For that reason we offer you some key tips so that you can prevent a lack of respect from both of you from arising in your relationship:

  • Think before speak. When both of you are angry and start arguing, it is necessary that you do not act or say things on impulse, try to remain calm, to be necessary get out and go to another room where you can be alone, breathe deeply and when you are calmer talk again. This will reduce the risk of getting offended and insulted considerably since they will allow themselves to think better of things before speaking and not impulsively take out their courage.
  • Express what you feel to your partner. Let your partner know how you feel about his way of acting, tell him what is bothering you and when he is offending you even without realizing it. Do not say it as an argument or reproach, just talk to her and tell her what it is that makes you feel and how you would like her to treat you from now on.
  • Set the example. Show your partner that you respect her because if you demand respect from her and you don't, it is more likely that she won't comply either. So it is necessary that you act in accordance and that you respect your partner at all times since this increases the chances that she will also do it and in case she has started to disrespect you also begin to change her attitude.
  • Put a halt. If your partner is constantly disrespecting you, you have already spoken with her on several occasions, you have expressed your feelings and you have set the example by always showing respect and continue like this. It is necessary that you make a determination and what values ​​that relationship does so much good for you because if it is affecting you more than what it brings you, it will hurt you more and more to be there. However, before making your decision, it is necessary that you put a stop to your partner and that you do not allow him to continue disrespecting you. You can say things like: "I don't like it when you talk to me like that", "I'm going to ask you not to talk to me like that again", "I'm not disrespecting you so don't do it either", etc. All that you have to tell him in a serious and sure way, without joking or hesitating. In this case, you must learn the psychology of communication in pairs.
When there is lack of respect in the couple - How to regain respect in a couple relationship

Being able to put oneself in the place of the other is something that costs many people since on certain occasions we only worry about our personal interests and put those of the other aside. In the case of the couple, being able to put ourselves in their place is essential in the relationship, especially when we are talking about respect. It is highly recommended that empathy be practiced within the couple relationship since in this way, over time the relationship can become increasingly solid and stable.

So every time we intend to intentionally hurt the other, the first thing we have to do is imagine ourselves how would we feel If our partner were to treat us like this and on the contrary, we must start to think about what kind of behaviors we would prefer that he had with us that would make us feel much better. It may be that at the beginning this exercise is difficult to carry out, especially if you are not used to doing it, however with time it will It turns into a kind of positive habit that, without a doubt, the more we put it into practice, the more it will enrich the relationship with the passage of time. weather.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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