Games and exercises for couples therapy

  • Jul 26, 2021
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Games and exercises for couples therapy

Is your relationship in crisis or do you feel like it has stalled? Try to do couple therapy dynamics!

Couples therapy is a good tool to help as long as this decision is made together. It is of little use that one of the two wants to improve the couple dynamics if the other is against it. This type of therapy aims to reestablish the affective and passionate bond between two people in order to continue living together happily and in an atmosphere of joy and tranquility.

exist games and exercises for couples therapy that can help to improve a love relationship and that we explain below in this article on Psychology-Online.

Among the best games and exercises for couples therapy, we highlight this as one of the most effective. Often times, many couples lock themselves out because they focus too much on the partner's shortcomings and lose real perspective on the other's worth. In that case, there is an interesting exercise which becomes a gift of self-esteem for the other.

Make a list with 50 virtues that you observe in your partner

, gestures that you value and traits that are important to you. You can write this list on a large card and use bright colors to make your notes. Finally, make a small dedication at the bottom of the cardboard to give this message to your partner. These types of dynamics for couples therapy are especially effective and are well received by the other person, you increase their self-esteem and offer them affection in the form of flattery.

It's a valuation exercise for the other but also, awareness for yourself. Establishing a limit of fifty virtues is good to dedicate time to exercise and to deepen the situation.

Games and exercises for couples therapy - Exercises for couples in crisis: list with 50 virtues of the couple

Another of the best games and exercises for couples is that you draw your life line applied to your relationship. Draw a line on a blank sheet of paper and divide that line into different sections according to personal criteria in which you point Important events They have marked a turning point either positive or negative.

Then share your conclusions with your partner, always trying to extract the positive side of each stage of the life line. This is a good method to strengthen your love bond and make the relationship stronger and more future oriented Sure. Although not all moments in a couple's life are positive, a lesson and learning can always be learned through this couple exercise.

Games and exercises for couples therapy - Dynamics for couples therapy: draw your life line

Program a special date taking as a criterion the objective of relive a special evening as in the beginning of the love story. There is a movie that can inspire you and give you ideas titled "Every day of my life", the story of a man who has to win back her partner when she loses her memory in a car accident.

Plan a special evening with the aim of surprising the other and taking the initiative in a conscious way to rekindle the magic. It is important to have realistic expectations based on the current situation of the couple because the relationship cannot be drastically improved. Romantic dates not only strengthen the bonds with that special person, they are also capable of revive the passion in the couple.

Couples therapy games and exercises - Schedule a special appointment

There are many couples who are frustrated because they become obsessed with the idea that they have changed too much. In that case, the resource of the letter is a good exercise for reflection. You can write a love letter to yourself. But writing this letter to that part of you that connects with a happy moment of the relationship: what could you do today to feel that way again? What has changed between then and now? What has changed in you?

It is important that focus the questions on yourself and not in your partner to change the reproaches towards the other by attitude of personal improvement individually.

Games and exercises for couples therapy - Love letter to yourself

But, in addition to the exercises that we have indicated above, there are also some games for couples therapy that you can begin to include in your private life and, thus, get that your relationship is stronger and be more united. These types of activities for couples are aimed at strengthening emotional ties with that person with whom we have shared so much.

1. Look at your partner with love

This is a very simple and very effective game that we encourage you to do. It's about both of you putting yourself in a comfortable and relaxed situation and looking into each other's eyes. Try to enhance that look that you made at the beginning, those eyes of love, tenderness and admiration that you had for each other. Although routine and habit have relaxed that intensity, you can work to bring it out again.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of the other

Another of the best couples therapy exercises that can help you solve a crisis or an argument is to work on empathy. To do this, we recommend that each of you play the role of the other in order to try to experiment with your own meats what it is that could offend or feel bad. This is a very simple but really effective exercise that will help you see where you have gone wrong.

3. Fun plans and activities to do as a couple

Another very interesting game that will help you overcome a moment of crisis is to make a list with different ideas and activities that you would like to do as a couple. Try that the list is as complete as possible Because, this way, you will be able to have a source of inspiration when you don't know what to do. Some ideas would be: go to dinner at a romantic restaurant, a movie session, go to the theater, go to a concert, go on a hike in the mountains, go bowling, and so on.

4. 15 minutes of love and hugs

Another of the best games to solve a relationship problem is that you do a "time out" and that you go to bed to kiss, hug and look into each other's eyes. Even if you are wrong or have argued, there is something that continues to unite you: you love each other very much. Therefore, try overcome that obstacle of negativity and force you to hug each other and give you love. Afterwards, you will be able to solve the conflict in a much more positive way.

In this other article we give you the best tips to be happy with your partner and that, thus, you can always revive the flame of your love.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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