How to know if you will last with your partner

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to know if you will last with your partner

When you are in a relationship, you may have doubts as frequent as "Where is this going?". There are relationships that are more temporary and others that, however, have all the numbers to last a long time or a lifetime. Do you know what kind of relationship you are in? In Psychology-Online we want to help you discover it and, therefore, here we explain how to know if you will last with your partner. We will show you some signs and signals that can be a good indication to assess where exactly you are in your relationship.

Knowing if you will last with your partner is not something that can be known specifically. The truth is that, to know the answer to this question, it is important that analyze the nature of your relationship. There are couples who, from almost the beginning, know that they will not go any further. Rather, they are sporadic and casual relationships that unite two people at a certain moment. However, there is another type of relationship with which the future seems to open together.

Next we are going to help you to clear your doubts. Therefore, here we discover how to know if you will last with your partner by indicating some signs that can be revealing.

You make plans for the future

Do you ever talk about your life in the future? We are not referring to what you will do this weekend or the holidays, no. We refer to plans that go further, plans such as, for example, where would you like to live, what kind of parents would you like to be, and so on. If you envision a future together it is because, surely, you are very comfortable with each other and, therefore, both of you want to enjoy your life together. On the other hand, if you avoid the subject or have never considered it, it is because, perhaps, deep down you know that you do not have much of a future.

Analyze the discussions you have

If something is clear, it is that couples argue. All. And, arguing is the most normal and natural thing in the world. It is the sign that two people are trying to understand each other better. But you have to be very careful with the discussions that can be had in a relationship. They have to be, always, constructive discussions, with a decisive and future objective. Fights that are yelling, name calling, and disrespect are a huge drag on a couple and can ultimately cause the relationship to deteriorate and end. In this other article we help you to learn to argue as a couple.

Individual freedom

In order to know if you will last with your partner, it is important that you analyze your life. Your individual life, we mean. It is clear that you have a life as a couple but it is essential that you also value the time you have for yourself, to have your space, to see your friends, and so on. There are many couples who tend to create possessive and very closed relationships and, in the long run, this can cause the relationship to end because they feel "trapped". However, if each has her life (in addition to the common one) and is not respected by the other, then your partner has more numbers to last longer.

Trust in your partner

There is nothing worse than mistrust in your partner. And it is that this negative feeling can cause real problems in the fate of a couple: arguments, jealousy, interrogations... Distrust can be very damaging to a relationship and, in fact, lead to its end. It is for this reason that we encourage you to value this aspect of your relationship by being honest with yourself. If you trust each other, it is more likely that you will be together for a long time, but if not, it will be more difficult for this to lead you to a successful conclusion.

Respect for the other

A couple that is disrespectful is a couple doomed to failure or, at least, to unhappiness. The yelling, insults, judgments and other disrespect only make the relationship toxic. Therefore, it is important that you value if you feel respected by your partner and, also, value if you respect him. A very simple test to do is ask yourself: "Would you treat a friend like this?" If the answer is NO, then you are overreaching with your partner. In link you will find a test to see if you have respect.

The goals you have in life

And, last (but not least), to know if you will last with your partner it is essential that you value the goals you have in life. That is, to know if you go the same way Or, on the contrary, you have a different ideal of life from each other. It may be that you want to live in a mountain town and have a simpler life but, nevertheless, your partner wants to be in a big city to work and develop professionally. Assess what you are looking for in life and what model of life you want individually. Thus, you can know if you fit or not fit.

How to know if you will last with your partner - 6 signs to know if a relationship will last
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