▷ 7 incredible tricks to get the most out and optimize an iPhone

  • Sep 13, 2021

Every time Apple announces the release of new iPhone models, it is common to find long lines of buyers. It happens that the apple brand has great popularity for the quality of its products, among which mobile phones stand out.

There are also endless comparisons with Android models, since Apple has managed to establish itself as a competition from all other brands. However, even so, it is a fact that we do not fully exploit the qualities of the operating system of these cell phones


Next, we review seven incredible tricks that we can perform with our iPhone to make the most of its operational qualities.


In this article you will find:

7 amazing tricks for iPhone

1. File management

A very common inconvenience in every phone is losing files that we save for some occasion. But, one of the advantages of iPhone products is that its App Store has Documents by Readdle, a document management application.

2. Saving passwords

Varying the passwords for different apps and accounts is one way of preserving our data security. However, many times it is difficult for us to retain so many keys and this can have consequences.


1Password is a highly recommended password manager for iPhone users. This has authenticators, labeling and concealment, among other functions.

3. Save a web page

Many times we try to save information from a website using screenshots or saving links to the clipboard. But, with an iPhone it is possible to save the entire page as an image or PDF.


This can be done from Safari, in the screenshot options. We just have to select the option "Full page" and the system will do the rest.

4. Custom strokes

This quality is only available for models with operating system iOS 14 onwards. These are custom actions that we can configure to give orders by tapping the back of the mobile.


How to do it? We must go to "Settings" and select the "Accessibility" option. Once there, we press "Touch" and "Touch back"; then we select the list of functions.

5. Increase battery life

This is not a minor fact, since, even considering the durability of iPhone batteries, it never hurts. From the settings menu, we can choose the "Save battery" function and, in this way, we momentarily deactivate some functions.

6. Measure whatever

Apple mobiles have an app called Measurement that can function as a work tool or a resource for the curious. It is an augmented reality application that allows you to measure objects of any size.

To do this, the iPhone camera is used. It is an ideal strategy for, for example, planning home renovations or calculating architectural dimensions.

7. Find your car

Through the Bluetooth connection with our vehicle, we can locate it with our iPhone. This alternative, ideal for the distracted, is a function integrated into Apple Maps and, in fact, it automatically records the place where the disconnection with the mobile took place.

With these simple tricks we can make the most of all the functionalities that iPhones offer us. Which one do we start with?

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