• Jan 10, 2022
How to build healthy relationships

Today the term "toxic" is widely used, understood as something harmful or harmful, to refer to human relationships. The disproportionate and uncontrolled use that is made of social networks is promoting the creation of superficial relationships based on the control and objectification of the other.

This fact is limiting the construction of healthy relationships, characterized by respect, communication and empathy. Therefore, in this Psychology-Online article, we will show you different tips on how to build relationshipshealthy, both family, friendship or partner. Some of the keys that you will see below focus on setting limits, sharing quality time together, asking for forgiveness when necessary and always supporting each other.

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  1. Set limits
  2. Keep interest active
  3. Respect
  4. Communicate
  5. Share time together
  6. Share time with yourself
  7. Share time with our loved ones
  8. Avoid control
  9. Trust
  10. Naming feelings
  11. Ask for forgiveness
  12. Support

Set limits.

If you are wondering how to lead healthy relationships, an essential step to achieve this is to set limits from the beginning of the relationship. Mainly, it consists of

define standards of coexistence so that the relationship works, for example, defining our personal space, how often to maintain contact and even in what contexts to relate.

Keep interest active.

Sometimes we tend to settle for our relationships flowing, that is, if we don't like something or we want to try something new, we pass it on. Even so, it is important not to forget to take care of the relationship day by day, otherwise unexpected conflicts may appear. So that does not happen, take an interest in the other person's life or have any details with her.


One of the key guidelines for building healthy relationships of any kind is respecting the other person. Respect is extrapolated to all aspects and areas of an individual's life. Therefore, it is important respect tastes, interests, dreams, work, family, friends, feelings, emotions, opinions and / or defects of the other. Respect does not mean having to think the same, if not accepting the vision of the other.

How to Build Healthy Relationships - Respect


Communication is what allows people to express themselves and share how they feel, what they need, what they want or simply transmit something with which they are not satisfied. Communication should always be done with respect and understanding, using good manners and speaking with affection.

In addition, to build healthy relationships, communication it is something that must be cared for and pampered daily. To do this, it is very useful to take advantage of the time to share with the other person everything that is on our minds. In this article you will find different techniques for effective communication.

Share time together.

When it comes to having healthy relationships, it is very important make plans and share quality time. These plans don't have to be big trips or expensive activities. They can be simple activities like watching a movie or going for a walk. For quality time together, it must be shared focusing our attention on the other, avoiding using the mobile phone or other devices that capture our attention.

Share time with yourself.

Spending time with ourselves is really necessary to build healthy relationships. The time we dedicate should be focused on our self care and / or focused on our personal growth.

Some examples could be taking time to give ourselves a massage, go to psychological therapy or take a course that we want. In this article, we will tell you more about what is personal and emotional self-care and techniques to incorporate healthy habits into our lives.

Building Healthy Relationships - Spending Time With Yourself

Share time with our loved ones.

If you have doubts about how to lead healthy relationships, you must bear in mind that for this it is essential take care of social relationships, that is, share with the people who matter to the other and show them that you also care. Feeling loved and accompanied avoids emotional dependence and the fact of feeling alone when we really are not. Practice emotional independence.

Avoid control.

If you want to build healthy relationships it is essential put aside jealousy, since they only lead us to be in constant tension about what will happen or what he will do when we are not together. This leads to wanting to constantly monitor what he does, with whom, where, how and why, as well as toxic behaviors such as checking his mobile phone, social networks, wallet, etc.

Control leads us to generate dependency and to restrict our lives to the decisions of the other. In this article you will find information about how to stay away from toxic people.


Confidence is the key to healthy relationships. To trust others we have to work on ourselves. When it comes to having healthy relationships, it is important to identify the source of mistrust in others and put an end to it.

Mistrust most of the time stems from our own insecurities. Trusting allows us keep a calm relationship and reduce limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about our emotional ties.

How to Build Healthy Relationships - Trust

Name feelings.

When we start a relationship, whatever it is, we tend to go from less to more when it comes to expressing how we feel. For example, on many occasions, we end up basing our relationship on the liquid love, a superficial link that allows you to adapt to the continuous changes that are emerging from day to day.

Still, most of the time we do not delve into human relationships out of fear to be hurt or simply to avoid compromises. In this article you will be able to answer your question of why is it so hard for me to express my feelings.

In this situation, if you really care about a person and want to build healthy relationships, it is essential that you dare to share what you feel with others.

Ask for forgiveness.

Everyone makes mistakes, has bad days, or doesn't act like the other person expects. Therefore, to have healthy relationships it is very important to know how to ask for forgiveness when we are aware that we have hurt the other. Forgiveness must be honest and sincere. Find out more about what is forgiveness and how to apply it.


The action of supporting people consists of accompany them, encourage them, motivate them and offer your hand when they fall. Support must be given at all levels, that is, both family, work, personal and social. To have healthy relationships, you have to make others feel that they are capable of achieving what they set out to do and contribute in whatever way they need.

How to Build Healthy Relationships - Support

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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