10 characteristics of a RESPONSIBLE PERSON

  • Jan 11, 2022
Characteristics of a responsible person

Responsibility is a concept that can have a different meaning depending on the context and the circumstances in which it is used, for example, in the civil, moral and criminal spheres. Being responsible people implies, however, being people of trust, from family relationships to relationships with friends, from the relationship with co-workers to the way of being considered by one's own community.

But how to be a responsible person? Possessing the specific individual qualities of responsibility means earning the trust and esteem of others through our attitudes. For this reason, in this Psychology-Online article we will discover the characteristics of a responsible person.

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  1. What is responsibility
  2. What is to be a responsible person
  3. What are the characteristics of a responsible person
  4. How to be a responsible person

What is responsibility.

Liability can be defined as the possibility of foresee the consequences of her behavior and correcting it based on this forecast. However, the definitions of responsibility offered by the literature are multiple, but all of them can be reduced to two central and common aspects:

  1. Responsibility for (your family, the State, friends, etc.).
  2. Responsibility before (God, one's own conscience, the community of belonging, history).

On the other hand, the simpler meaning of responsibility, on the other hand, refers to the possibility of attributing to a person an action that has been carried out, identifying it as the one that has generated it and attributing the blame or the merit.

If we want to address what it means to be a responsible person in psychological terms, responsibility is considered a relational construction: this transcends the individual person because it refers to an ethical horizon that includes two or more people, and therefore can be declined as personal and social responsibility.

What is to be a responsible person.

What does it take to be a responsible person? This type of subject acts in a balanced and thoughtful, fully aware that their behaviors and their decisions have consequences for themselves and, in many cases, also for others.

Feeling a responsibility is a perception, while taking responsibility is an action, which means having active and not passive attitudes:

  • Be responsible for yourself. Being a responsible person means learning to manage your life autonomously, choosing with your head, because no one knows better than you what is good for you.
  • Be responsible in relationships with others. Just like you hope you can count on and trust others, the people around you want to trust you. Being a responsible and trustworthy person will make you a point of reference for your family and friends and will increase their respect and esteem for you.
  • Be responsible at work and with colleagues. In the world of work, it's even more important to understand how to take responsibility, because no one wants to be the one. a scapegoat or having to bear the consequences of a disorganized and irresponsible. Above all, your boss expects mature and conscientious behavior from you.
  • Be responsible in society. Becoming a responsible person also means behaving socially in a certain way, having respect for others, for where you live and everything else. Don't expect others to behave and you are the first to set an example.
Characteristics of a responsible person - What is it like to be a responsible person

What are the characteristics of a responsible person.

To describe a responsible person, you must first understand that they have a strong sense of responsibility that implies something more: one thing is to feel a responsibility, and another is to assume a responsibility, to take charge personally, directly and completely. Here are the 10 attitudes of a responsible person:

  1. Don't make unnecessary excuses. Being responsible means, above all, stop telling yourself and others, avoid resorting to excuses to justify absences, forgetfulness and everything that, for the most part, is attributable to a simple irresponsibility.
  2. Avoid the scapegoats. A responsible person knows precisely how to take responsibility for it. Do not divert the blame for your mistakes and faults to others, even when you let others choose, take responsibility for the consequences of gestures.
  3. You are responsible for your actions. Even when he does not choose with his head, he is the architect and responsible for her actions.
  4. Think about the consequences before acting or not. Being selfish is not something to be ashamed of, but choosing irresponsibly, without judgment, is.
  5. It is coherent and by word. A responsible person knows that the words she uses carry weight.
  6. He goes to work and does not put off his duties. Being responsible means acting, making decisions and taking them forward, without waiting, without waiting, perhaps waiting for things to go their own way without having done anything, just following the course of events.
  7. Not complain so much. When you think about how to take responsibility, you are manifesting a desire to grow up and be treated like an adult.
  8. Respects herself and others. A person who knows how to assume her responsibilities shows, above all, respect for herself and for her abilities.
  9. Learn to handle problems. Responsible people are those who learn to handle problems in the first person. These types of individuals resolve conflicts with Decision making: a method to solve problems autonomously and responsibly, click on the link if you want to learn about this procedure.
  10. Organize your commitments. Knowing how to organize your own commitments is another important aspect to be responsible.

How to be a responsible person.

The main principle to overcome your own shortcomings is concentration and organization: to get used to responsibility you have to make commitments and be able to keep those promises. This refers, first of all, to the family and the environment; not an easy task, but a great incentive for more results.

A simple, everyday example? Learn from an early age to clean and keep the order not only personal items, but also the environment; Washing dishes immediately after a meal won't be difficult, and putting your shoes back in order after a walk won't seem like a chore at all. Also, remember to do more than what is asked of you.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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