• Jan 14, 2022
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Meaning of the color ocher in psychology

Ocher is the most elegant variety of the color yellow. Its etymology has a lot to do with lighting, since it derives from the Latin “ochra”, which in turn comes from the Greek word “okhros”, which translates as yellow. Therefore, ocher represents joy and radiance. Although, on the other hand, it is also associated with doubt, instability and betrayal.

As for its tonality, ocher is the standard name for orange-yellow, which appears semi-saturated and clear, and with the appearance of the chromatic pigment of iron oxide. This color has been used since ancient times in innumerable artistic representations, including ocher, which is the most predominant tone in cave paintings. In this Psychology-Online article, we will introduce you to the meaning of the color ocher in psychology. Discover its spiritual meaning, as well as its interpretation in marketing and in the Bible.

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  1. What is the meaning of the color ocher
  2. Spiritual meaning of the color ocher
  3. Meaning of the color ocher in advertising
  4. Meaning of the color ocher in the Bible

What is the meaning of the color ocher.

Ocher is not a single color, but a series of shades called ochraceous. It is a pigmentation that has been used for millennia for body painting and for different works of art throughout history. So much so that its use dates back to prehistory as the dominant color in rock art.

According the psychology of color, ocher evokes strong feelings, as it is able to quickly capture attention. On the one hand, it looks like a warm and delicate color. However, if it occurs in excess, it causes fatigue and visual fatigue.

What does the ocher color convey?

Its meaning is related to intensity, luminosity and constancy. In fact, it is usual for the ocher tone to be achieved in mining and on extensive land, which is why it is associated with abundance. In addition, due to its closeness to brown, it is also related to emotional stability and spiritual balance.

Due to the visual impact it causes, in decoration ocher is a symbol of elegance, sobriety and sophistication. In addition, when mixed with white, it symbolizes fear or cowardice. Similarly, the meaning of the color ocher in psychology is associated with the following feelings, emotions and moods:

  • Happiness.
  • Vitality.
  • Energy.
  • Haughtiness.
  • Pride.
  • Persistence.
  • Union.
  • Lasting memories.
  • Aggressiveness, when it appears in a strong and exaggerated nuance.
  • Optimism.
  • Loyalty and respect, since it is a color that lasts over time.

Spiritual meaning of the color ocher.

If you are wondering what the spiritual meaning of the ocher color is, since prehistory ocher has been related to the divine and to the spiritual essence. Furthermore, it is the materialization of attachment to earthly space and to the comfort of life rooted in the area in which it is inhabited.

This symbolism allowed the ancestors to reflect part of their culture and traditions through cave painting, where ocher was the main color. In the same way, ocher has to do with the autumn warmth and with him inner balance that is achieved by being at peace with one's own personality.

Next, we tell you the spiritual meaning of the ocher color, according to different cultures:

  • in ancient egypt: the red ocher pigment represented the strength of the pharaohs. In fact, it was the most used color for the decorations of palaces and tombs. For this reason, it is present in different archaeological remains in almost all its nuances. Its use also extended to papyrus inscriptions, for which it is associated with wisdom, permanence and stability.
  • in the roman empire: in this historical stage it was related to spiritual ascension and to the ancient gods. This is because it is a direct variant of yellow which, in turn, leads to the golden color, typical of wealth and divinity.
  • In Mexican cosmology: the golden ocher is the symbology of the new life that springs from the ground. For this reason, it represents the beginning of the rainy season in which everything turns green again after the summer.
  • in greek mythology: In this culture the ocher color was related to the personification of wisdom. Likewise, it represented the ancient gods, especially because of the direct relationship it has with the color yellow.
Meaning of the color ocher in psychology - Spiritual meaning of the color ocher

Meaning of the color ocher in advertising.

Due to the sobriety of ocher in any of its shades, the meaning of the color ocher within marketing is related to prestige, elegance and distinction. This makes many brands use it within their color palette because it reflects balance and stability. Usually, in advertising, ocher is used to highlight the vitality, freshness and energy offering any product or service.

In addition to that, ocher is used very frequently for decoration, since it can be combined very well with other ranges of colors to enhance the spaces. For example, for dimly lit rooms, it is perfect for increasing lighting and, when combined with white, creates a wonderful relaxing effect.

If you want more information on this area, we recommend this article on the psychology of color in marketing and advertising.

Meaning of the color ocher in the Bible.

Ocher is presented in the bible as one of the colors associated with the grace of God, due to its direct relationship with yellow. It also has to do with praise and worship, since, according to the Bible, the tabernacle was a golden ocher color.

Another of the meanings of the ocher color in the Bible is its appearance in the construction of Solomon's temple. In fact, it was a very predominant tonality in the building. Similarly, the bronze serpent raised by Moses in the Bible evokes the ocher color, so symbolizes the judgment of God Y divine will.

Meaning of the color ocher in psychology - Meaning of the color ocher in the Bible

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