▷ Store Supervisor; Functions and Salary

  • Jun 20, 2022

A store supervisor is part of the staff of a company that is dedicated to ensuring the proper functioning of each of the stores or branches under its supervision, being in charge of inspecting the commercial activities that are generated in them.

store manager


This work involves inspect administrative management of stores, so that daily activities are carried out as efficiently as possible in order to achieve the goals and objectives set by the company.


To do this, you must monitor and control budget management, inventory inputs and outputs, customer service, employee performance, sales margins, compliance with company policies and other regulations related to the activity economic.

Therefore, as a store supervisor, must be a complete professional who knows very well the different factors that intervene or affect each of the commercial establishments under his charge.


In this article you will find:

Job Duties of a Store Supervisor

  • Ensure the supply of merchandise in each of the stores, periodically checking inventories, to know the exits and entrances of merchandise and determine the number of products existing.
  • Discuss the company's business strategies and goals.
  • Provide advice and support to store managers, as well as promoters and sellers on the sales strategies to implement.
  • Supervise that all staff comply with their duties and work schedules.
  • Inspect the order and cleanliness of the stores and propose alternatives to improve their aesthetic image.
  • Carry out cash counts.
  • Detect sales opportunities in each season, plan the marketing method to implement, supervise its execution and analyze the results.
  • Work in coordination with store managers and deputy managers.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Identify and monitor efficiency, productivity or performance failures in the stores under their charge, to establish the necessary corrective measures.
  • Supervise compliance with hygiene and safety standards.
  • Apply performance indicators KPI's.
  • Make SWOT analysis, to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that allow you to develop effective strategies.
  • Establish measures to prevent shrinkage or theft of merchandise.
  • Strengthen business relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Establish the necessary measures to improve efficiency in the supply chain.
  • Make reports and reports periodically on the news and operation of the stores.

Qualities a store supervisor should have

A store supervisor must stand out for the following qualities or attributes:

  • Must be responsible, always focused on fulfilling its functions to improve the efficiency and productivity of the stores.
  • Must be versatile, with the ability to adapt to internal and external changes to the company, to enhance the growth of stores in the market.
  • Must be proactive, in order to anticipate the possible challenges that may arise at any given time to present the stores, and develop timely strategies.
  • Must be impartial, focusing its efforts on the continuous improvement of all the establishments under its supervision equally, without any type of distinction or preference for a store or its staff.

Job Requirements to be a Store Supervisor

  • Being Lic. In administration / Lic. In logistics / Lic. In marketing or related professions.
  • Have minimum verifiable experience.
  • Microsoft office management.
  • Experience in managing inventory systems.
  • Be available to travel within the assigned area.

Job field of a store supervisor

  • Store manager.
  • self-service supervisor.
  • warehouse supervisor.
  • Logistics supervisor.

Average salary of a store supervisor in Mexico

In Mexico, a store supervisor can earn an average salary of $11,000.00 to $16,000.00 pesos, which varies depending on the company and the number of stores under their supervision.


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