Does health insurance help maintain emotional security?

  • Aug 02, 2022
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Does health insurance help maintain emotional security?

Any decision we make at the consumer level depends up to 85% on our emotions. Through them, we tend to rationalize the decisions we make. For this reason, the emotional factor is part of many commercial and marketing strategies.

Being so important, in this Psychology-Online article we want to reflect on whether health insurance helps maintain emotional security. Do we feel safer if we take out health insurance? Next, we give you the answer

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  1. What is health insurance
  2. Health Insurance and Medical Expenses
  3. Personal Accident Medical Insurance
  4. Medical Insurance for Seniors
  5. Children's Health Insurance
  6. Medical Insurance for Foreigners
  7. Travel Medical Insurance
  8. Medical Insurance for Pregnancy

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a product of insurance companies through which you can cover any expenses derived from medical care, be it clinical tests, medical treatments, admissions and hospitalization or even surgical interventions. All this is included in a document that allows access to this type of service and is protected in the event of suffering a medical problem, given that their costs are usually high.

Through this plan, the insured receives certain coverage that may vary depending on the type of health insurance contracted. The basic coverages are the following:

  • Primary medicine and telemedicine.
  • Emergencies.
  • Diagnostic means.
  • Preventive medicine.
  • Treatments and hospitalization.
  • Some medical specialties.

In Mexico there are different types of health insurance that really can provide emotional security, as they offer protection and confidence in the face of medical adversities that may arise. Therefore, it is important to take out adequate health insurance that allows you to have a better quality of life in the event of a possible catastrophe.

Save Insurance the best insurance quote in Mexico is the best option to find the ideal health insurance for you. The insurers with which you work provide you with different policies with which you can cover the expenses derived from all those procedures focused on preventing, conserving or maintaining the health of people.

Thus, having health insurance will allow you to avoid costs in the event of sudden illness or accident. Next, we will show you the most important health insurances that you should take into account.

Health Insurance and Medical Expenses.

Health insurance and major medical expenses is one of the most important policies, since with this plan you can cover costs derived from the medical care that you must receive in case of accident or serious illness. However, this type of policy is only used in cases where hospitalization or a medical emergency is required.

Through this insurance you will gain in emotional security, since you will be 100% covered against unforeseen events and accidents.

Personal Accident Medical Insurance.

Personal accident medical insurance is another type of policy that covers all injuries requiring medical attention after suffering a mishap, some insurers even include accidental death within their coverage. The insured will be able to rest easy with this policy, since hospitalization, intervention or rehabilitation expenses are included, as well as compensation in the event of disability.

Does health insurance help maintain emotional security? - Personal Accident Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance for Older Adults.

One of the variants of personal accident medical insurance is medical insurance for the elderly. This plan is aimed at guaranteeing the emotional health of the older segment of the population and who, therefore, have a higher risk of suffering an accident. However, this policy has a catastrophic coverage plan and only take into account high impact diseases for the insured.

Medical Insurance for Children.

Medical expenses, health and accidents come together in the medical insurance for children. Specifically, it is a very cheap insurance, since children have less risk of suffering catastrophic accidents than adults. For this reason, it is an ideal plan for the first years of the minor's life, a period in which the relatives will have the necessary medical support to face any situation, which will provide greater peace of mind and security to parents.

Medical Insurance for Foreigners.

Medical insurance abroad is one that covers primary medical care, hospitalization, outpatient care and even repatriation abroad. This type of policy is very complete, since covers any emergency during short or long trips. In addition, on many occasions, it is essential insurance for foreigners traveling for a limited time.

Does health insurance help maintain emotional security? - Medical Insurance for Foreigners

Travel Medical Insurance.

Another alternative is travel health insurance through which the traveler is fully covered when visiting another country. This medical insurance gives a lot of peace of mind, because provides full financial support and covers any unforeseen event that may arise during the trip.

Lets get a fast and efficient assistanceboth on vacation and on business trips. This insurance usually covers all aspects such as illnesses, accidents and even loss of luggage or flight cancellation.

Medical Insurance for Pregnancy.

Since pregnancies are not considered illnesses or accidents, they have their own health insurance that includes all those medical expenses related to the birth of the future baby. Specifically, it is a medical expense policy intended solely and exclusively for this period and the coverage is usually received if the insurance for medical expenses has been contracted for a minimum of 10 months previous.

Thanks to this insurance, the future mother will be able to cover her medical expenses and have the newborn medically covered up to 30 days after her birth.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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