▷ 4 Steps to Make a Circle Area Calculation Flowchart

  • Aug 04, 2022

The flowchart is a very useful toolSo, simplifying a process graphically can be complex and even more so if we don't know where to start, that's where these diagrams become our best ally.

Steps to Make a Circle Area Calculation Flowchart


Using that graphical flowchart tool we can represent complex processes in a simplified way, without losing its logic and regardless of the nature of the process, as for example, in geometry to represent the area of ​​a circle.

Although it seems difficult to think that a mathematical calculation can be represented graphically in a diagram, the truth is that if it is possible, if we know how to identify each step within the calculation process, even facilitating the process of learning.


To understand how we can use flowcharts to represent any type of process, in this post we will explain the Steps to Make a Flow Chart to Calculate the Area of ​​a Circle, not without first defining some basic concepts.

In this article you will find:

What is a flowchart?

A Flowchart is a graphical tool used to represent a sequence of activities within a process in a simplified way, through the use of symbols or algorithms (geometric shapes), which describe its logical operation.


Hence, this diagram is also known as a process diagram, activity diagram or flowchart.

The function of flowcharts is to allow any receiver to visually understand its operation easily through said graphic representation.


Symbology in flowcharts

Elemental part to make a flow diagram of any process, are the symbols, since these are the ones that give the logical meaning to this process, since each symbol has its own meaning, which is complemented by a small keyword or phrase that describes each exercise.

These symbols are represented geometric shapes, their meaning being as follows:


symbology of a flowchart

If you still have doubts about how to use these symbologies correctly, visit our post on flowchart symbologies.

What is the area of ​​a circle and how is it calculated?

The area of ​​a circle is the measure that occupies a surface with a circular shape, expressed in square units, which can be cm², m², km² or any other unit of measurement raised to the square.

To determine the area of ​​a circle, it is necessary to apply the following formula: Area= π. r²

Assuming that we have a circle with a radius of 3 cm, we only have to multiply the value of Pi, that is (π which by default is 3.1415) times the (3 cm) ² radius squared, which will result in 28.27 cm², as shown in the following image.

area of ​​a circle

4 Steps to perform in a flowchart the calculation of the area of ​​a circle

Although making a flowchart is extremely simple, it requires a series of steps, which are well implemented allow to easily represent the area of ​​a circle, let's see what these consist of Steps.

Step #1:

In this step we must identify the data to calculate the area of ​​the circle, therefore, this is a step prior to the diagram, necessary to ensure that the information to be represented is correct.

First, we must determine the measure of the radius of our circle; said radius corresponds to half a diameter, that is, half the circle; so we start by measuring the length from the center of our circle to any point on the edge of the circle's surface, which in this case is 3 cm in radius.

The other piece of information we need is the value of Pi, which by default we know to be π=3.1415.

Then we just substitute the formula, Area: 3.1415 x 3²= 28.27 cm².

Step #2:

Once the mathematical calculation has been previously resolved, we proceed to identify and outline each of the processes that led to obtaining said result, which were described in the previous step, in this way it will be much easier to capture the logical sequence in the diagram.

For this we help ourselves with paper and pencil creating a sketch form of the diagram.

Step #3:

Once each calculation process has been identified in the diagram, creating a kind of conceptual map, the next step is to identify the correct symbology to use, and identify which word or short phrase we will place to make sense of the flowchart and join with arrows indicating the sequence of the process from beginning to end.

Likewise, we make a draft or sketch of the flowchart until we are sure that it is well done and that it makes logical sense.

 Step #4:

As a last step we carry out the final graphical representation of the flowchart of the calculation of the area of ​​the circle, we can do this in programs like Microsoft Office Excel or PowerPoint or even with programs in line.

flowchart of the calculation of the area of ​​a circle

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