Procedure in a Company; What is and theory

  • Aug 07, 2022

A process is Ua defined, step-by-step sequence of activities or actions (with defined start and end points) that must be followed in a set order to successfully perform a task. Repetitive procedures are called routines.

The procedures are part of the stage of planning of administrative process like the:

  • Company policies
  • Vision
  • Mission

In this article you will find:

According to Koontz:

"The procedures they are plans by which a method for managing future activities is established. They consist of chronological sequences of required actions. They are action guides, not thought guides, detailing exactly how certain activities should be performed. It is common for procedures cross departmental borders. For example, him process The order processing process of a manufacturing company will almost certainly involve the sales department (because of the original order), the finance department (for the confirmation of receipt of funds and approval of credit to the customer), the accounting department (for the registration of the transaction), the production department (since the order implies the production of goods or the authorization to extract them from the warehouse) and the traffic department (for the determination of the means and route of transport for its delivery). A couple of examples will suffice to illustrate the relationship between

procedures and policies. A company's policy may grant employees vacations; in the procedures established for the implementation of this policy, a vacation program will be determined to avoid interruptions in the flow of work, methods and rates for vacation pay, the records will be specified to ensure that all employees enjoy vacations and the means to request vacations will be specified. holidays."

Font: “Management, a global perspective” Harold Koontz


According to Chiavenato:

Procedures "constitute another mechanism to lighten hierarchy overload" as well as "constitute decisions already made by the company and that the parties involved must follow when faced with certain situation"

Font: Chiavenato 2001


How is a procedure composed?

A written procedure It is composed of the following parts:

  1. Purpose: Small statement of intent of the document.
  2. Scope: Up to what level is the process.
  3. Definitions (or theoretical framework): List of all the key concepts mentioned in the document. This is of vital importance, because the entire text of the document will be the theoretical framework.
  4. References: This section makes references to other procedures of the company with which they have points in common
  5. Responsibilities: All the actors involved and the responsibilities of each one should be mentioned here.
  6. Requirements: This part should highlight all the steps and resources required for the task to be carried out.
  7. Annexes: Flowcharts, forms and everything relevant to the execution of the procedure.

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Example of a real procedure


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