What is the Cinderella complex and how to overcome it

  • Aug 16, 2022
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What is the Cinderella complex and how to overcome it

Romantic movies are a recurring theme in conversations and social gatherings. Often we can even feel identified with a character, since cinema, theater and television reflect what we are or what we want to be in life. Similarly, we can take references from these audiovisual products and understand that fiction in some cases can go beyond the screen.

Disney movies have been one of the most consumed products by children and adults due to their enormous diffusion. If we remember, we will remember that Cinderella is waiting for a man to take her away and "protect" her from her reality. This is a condition that can occur in everyday life and that can lead to a series of difficulties for people who identify with it. In this Psychology-Online article, we will explain what is the cinderella complex and how to overcome it.

What does it mean to be Cinderella? We can define the Cinderella complex as a condition that some women adopt to value themselves from the protection of a male figure.

In general terms, the woman's partner tends to condition her opportunities to prosper in the future and will allow her to have an acceptable life. In some cases, this fact can cause self-esteem to decrease and dependence on the partner to increase. Thus, in the relationships of people with a Cinderella complex, there is a dependency that negatively affects the person's life.

The Cinderella complex presents some features that are repeated in women who suffer from this condition. In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that the way in which each one can be presented of these aspects will depend on the degree of dependency that each woman establishes with the figure masculine.

Next, we will place the main symptoms of Cinderella complex:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Distress.
  • Fear to loneliness.
  • Dependence with other people.
  • Difficulties in carrying out new projects.
  • I reject the changes.

What do I do if I have Cinderella syndrome? First of all, in order to find a way to overcome the Cinderella complex, it is important that the person who is going through situations of dependency and discomfort understands that this condition can have negative effects on your daily life and it will be difficult to modify the behavior patterns of the person.

In the following sections we will explain the most effective methods to help treat Cinderella syndrome:

Perform psychological therapy

The space offered by psychological therapy enables help for people who are going through situations of suffering, anguish and/or stress. Similarly, therapy invites reflection on personal aspects which are unpleasant. The objective of this type of approach is to provide tools to solve personal situations, such as love difficulties, carrying out new projects, etc.

Promote own spaces

While this can be tricky at times, preparing activities that involve places and/or spaces of their own and in solitude it is a good way to get rid of those figures that cause dependency.

enjoy solitude

Sometimes some people think that loneliness represents sadness and anguish, in addition to the fact that it can sometimes increase the feeling of personal independence. These thoughts may be the product of unpleasant experiences that they have had during the course of their lives.

However, loneliness can mean the reunion with our thoughts and desires deeper.

What is the Cinderella complex and how to overcome it - How to overcome the Cinderella complex

The situations that are reflected in the Cinderella movie can also occur in everyday life. Due to the similarity between certain scenes and real cases, here are some examples to help you understand how the Cinderella complex manifests itself:

  • A woman is dating a man and feels protected by him. While this fact makes you feel secure, you may feel mistrust and insecurity when starting a new job due to fear of the unknown. Consequently, this may cause her to give up this opportunity.
  • A lady is in love with a man who is not interested in her, which produces a idealization towards the male figure and provokes permanent feelings of inferiority. As a result, this type of bond will trigger a lack of self-worth and the woman will believe that she does not have the conditions to live a happy life alone.

It should be noted that these examples are not linked to any particular case but are for illustrative purposes.

What is the Cinderella complex and how to overcome it - Examples of the Cinderella complex

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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