12 Characteristics of a positive person with examples

  • Nov 06, 2023
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Characteristics of a positive person with examples

Optimism is one of the qualities most valued by society today. In fact, people who show enthusiasm and joy in complex everyday life situations are often more likely to achieve positive results. Despite the adverse circumstances that may arise in times of uncertainty and discomfort, it is It is invaluable to have individuals who provide an optimistic and encouraging perspective on the events. In general, in both social and family environments, there is an inclination to value and consider the opinions of these people when making important decisions. When meeting someone with these qualities, it is enriching to delve deeper into thoughts, emotions and behaviors. that predominate in that person to try to learn and adopt certain personality traits that we find inspiring.

In this Psychology-Online article we explain the characteristics of a positive person with examples.

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  1. Ability to transform reality
  2. Good humor
  3. Generosity
  4. Trust
  5. Mental flexibility
  6. Responsibility
  7. Empathy
  8. Reflection
  9. Frustration tolerance
  10. Honesty
  11. Clear objectives
  12. Creativity

Ability to transform reality.

One of the most important characteristics that a positive person has is their ability to transform reality. This allows certain tense situations to be viewed from a more pleasant perspective, which makes the future optimistic.

A positive person has the ability to find opportunities for growth and learning even in the most challenging situations. Your optimistic mindset allows you to see the positive side of things, even when others may perceive an insurmountable obstacle. This ability to transform reality does not imply denying problems or difficulties, but rather look for constructive solutions and maintain a proactive attitude.

For example, consider the case of someone who faces losing their job due to a company restructuring. A positive person in this situation would not remain regretting the situation, but would look for opportunities to reinvent themselves and explore new horizons. You could start to consider options such as starting your own business, exploring new industries or acquiring new skills through training. This attitude would allow you to view job loss as a future full of possibilities rather than as an insurmountable setback.

Good humor.

A sense of humor is essential for positive people who lead a relaxed life. Likewise, this virtue allows them to not live with high levels of stress and discomfort that is harmful. In this way, they can go through life with more joy instead of feeling excessive anguish.

Good mood can be manifested through funny comments and/or actions that try to relieve other people. For example, a man or woman could tell a joke at a press conference so that the atmosphere loses the seriousness that characterizes it.


When it comes to providing support to those who need it most, those with a positive attitude are often the first to offer help. These people are used to taking actions with the purpose of supporting those with limited resources to face life's challenges.

An illustrative example would be the work of community kitchens, which provide assistance to people who are in poverty.

Characteristics of a positive person with examples - Generosity


Trust consists of the certainty we have in some quality about a person or situation. In general, this frequently happens in positive people, since take a safe stance facing any situation that occurs. Despite the difficulties that may occur, positive people usually find solutions that bring relief.

A palpable example of this confidence is manifested when a person is faced with the task of crossing a busy street. Instead of giving in to fear, he patiently waits for the right moment to do so.

Mental flexibility.

Flexibility implies the possibility of change a habit or behavior if the expected result does not occur. As a general rule, positive people have a degree of flexibility that allows them to make other decisions if they do not get what they are looking for.

As an example, a man who cannot get a medical appointment online can go to the health center to speak in person with a representative without getting upset. In this article we explain What is cognitive flexibility and how to work on it.


Positive people assume responsibilities without them becoming worries for the future. Thus, can lead to tense moments without major inconveniences. This manifests itself, for example, in group sports in which a person will try to encourage his or her teammates to achieve victory, or in class projects.


The empathy It is the understanding of another person's feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes not only promotes deep understanding, but also strengthens ties and connection with the environment. In the case of positive people, their empathy allows them to not only understand, but also share the weight of the difficulties someone is facing in their life.

For example, imagine a positive person who, upon learning about the situation of a neighbor who is going through difficulties economic, not only offers material help, but also gets emotionally involved, providing support and understanding genuine. This empathetic connection not only alleviates neighbor suffering, but also strengthens community ties and promotes an environment of mutual support.


Reflection is the ability to analyze one's own and/or other's situations in life, with the aim of obtaining some teaching. Positive people reflect constantly and can recognize their mistakes to modify them and implement constructive changes In their lifes.

Thus, when faced with a challenge or difficulty, positive people do not simply ignore the experience, but take the time to reflect on what happened. They consider what decisions they made, how they could have acted differently, and what lessons they can draw from the situation to apply in the future. This reflective attitude allows them to constantly grow and evolve, turning even difficult moments into opportunities for learning and personal growth.

An example of this could be a positive person facing a situation where they made a mistake at work. Instead of glossing over the incident, you take the time to reflect on what happened. Analyze your decisions and consider how you could have acted differently, learning from the experience to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Characteristics of a positive person with examples - Reflection

Frustration tolerance.

Frustration tolerance allows a person to accept that situations do not occur according to their ideas. In this sense, positive people have a good frustration tolerance, which generates greater openness to the present and the future.

For example, a positive person who is learning to play a musical instrument must face difficulties and make mistakes in the learning process. However, instead of becoming discouraged and frustrated at not being able to play a piece correctly right away, recognizes that progress takes time and effort, persists in your practice, seeks advice and focuses on improvement gradually.

In the following article we explain What is low frustration tolerance and how to work on it.


Positive people have an ingrained tendency toward honesty, regardless of the circumstances they face. This sincerity gives them the ability to achieve pending goals and cultivate solid trust in your environment.

An example of this virtue is observed in individuals who show honesty in the workplace, demonstrating a willingness to accept constructive criticism from their superiors.

Clear objectives.

Understanding life goals and desires is a very important aspect for positive people. Likewise, they can maintain a direct approach in what they want to achieve. For example, this happens when a person wants to get a job with a higher salary and constantly sends resumes until they achieve it.


Finally, creativity is another distinctive facet of positive people. This skill encourages the generation of new perspectives in daily life, with the purpose of increasing enjoyment and satisfaction. For those with a positive mindset, creativity becomes a essential pillar to live with fullness and joy.

An example of this characteristic could be that of an entrepreneur who designs an avant-garde fashion business, demonstrating how creativity can drive success and personal fulfillment.

Characteristics of a positive person with examples - Creativity

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