15 Signs of attraction between friends

  • Nov 16, 2023
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Signs of attraction between friends

Do you want to know if your friend is attracted to you? When two friends are attracted to each other, it is very likely that they want to be around each other all the time, they flirt subtly by making jokes about it, treat each other differently from the rest of their other friends, avoid showing their true feelings and even show some signs of jealousy for no reason apparent. A friendship can turn into attraction and love because the line that separates both feelings is very fine.

If you are not clear about what is happening between you, in this Psychology-Online article, we explain signs of attraction between friends that will help you dispel your doubts once and for all.

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  1. Body language gives you away
  2. Unconditional support
  3. Subtle flirting
  4. Jealousy arises
  5. They feel a strong connection
  6. You talk very frequently
  7. Appears nervous
  8. Emotional intimacy arises
  9. Romantic or suggestive comments
  10. Special concern for your well-being
  11. Introduction to friends and family
  12. Want to spend time alone
  13. Meaningful gifts
  14. Envy or discomfort in your romantic relationships
  15. Change in personal appearance

Body language gives you away.

First of all, the presence of a emphatic body language that does not hide the attraction will be one of the first signs that they show when a friend likes them. Our gestures unintentionally betray feelings, so when you like someone (or that person likes you) you will notice that the body language between you will be very suggestive.

For example, they may bite their lips when they see you, their pupils may dilate in your presence, and they may try to casually touch each other if they are close. Also, when friends like each other, they will find ways to fix their clothes or hair when they are close to each other, since they want to have their best letter of introduction and good appearance before their crush.

Unconditional support.

When there is an attraction between friends, it is normal for them to try to support each other unconditionally because they are interested in the well-being of both. Therefore, if your friend is attracted to you, he probably will always be available for you and he will let you know that he is interested in you through actions or words.

There will also be no excuses to help you when you need it, so you know that you can count on that friend in any circumstance and even in details. like carrying a shopping bag or changing a light bulb in your house that will show you everything they love you and are willing to do to make you feel good.

Subtle flirting.

Subtle flirting is another gesture that indicates when two friends like each other or feel attraction. If a friend is attracted to you, he or she will most likely compliment you on your appearance, keep looking at you frequently, and try to approach you every time he or she sees you.

On the other hand, His gaze is likely to wander to your lips. and when you talk, ask you very personal questions to learn more about your life and your routines. If any of these signs arise, it is certain that the friendship has already crossed a step further. In this article you will find other Gestures that reveal feelings.

Jealousy arises.

Of all the signs of attraction between friends, jealousy is the most obvious and the most difficult to hide. The thing is that when you love a person, it is usual that you feel a little jealous and that you want their attention to be on you.

For this reason, if you notice that your friend starts showing jealousy out of nowhere, he frequently asks you where you were and who he most likely likes you with. In the following article you will find more information about How to know if my friend likes me.

They feel a strong connection.

Do you feel a great connection with that person? When you like or feel attracted to a friend, you may begin to feel that the relationship is becoming more serious and you may feel things that you had not experienced before, such as nerves to see him/her arrive or great joy when you know that you are going to meet your loved one.

You may even start to question things, like the fact that you don't spend as much time together as you'd like or You will even want to intervene a little more in their personal decisions because your lives have intersected in a more passional.

Signs of attraction between friends - They feel a strong connection

You talk very frequently.

If you like your friend You won't be able to stop talking about that person., you will want to write to him all the time and you will be aware of his social networks. These are sure indications that it is no longer a simple friendship. When two friends like each other, they will never have enough of each other and they will not stop thinking about each other during the day and dreaming about each other at night.

When friendship and attraction turns into love, your time together will no longer be enough and you will look for a way to be close as long as possible.

He seems nervous.

If you see that that person It's a bundle of nerves when you see each other, there is no doubt that she feels a strong attraction for you. Likewise, his hands may sweat or he may feel like running away when he sees you for fear that his nerves will give away his feelings.

If this is your case, when your nerves attack you in front of that person, you may move in an exaggerated manner, touch your hair, bite your lips, etc. Of course, it is better that you learn to control your nerves until you can confirm if your friend also feels the same way about you.

Emotional intimacy arises.

True attraction between friends involves a emotional complicity in which they trust the most intimate secrets and will support each other to create a deep connection in which both will be great confidants.

You will feel this connection on an emotional level when you talk on social networks and even more so when you are in front of each other. This bond will grow greater over time and will make you feel so comfortable that even in silence you will find peace of mind.

Signs of attraction between friends - Emotional intimacy arises

Romantic or suggestive comments.

One of the signs of attraction between friends is romantic or suggestive comments. These verbal expressions that can indicate that you feel romantic or sexual attraction between you. These comments tend to be more intimate or flirtatious than what you would expect in a platonic friendship, such as personal compliments, flirtatious banter, emotional praise, comments about physical attraction, etc.

Special concern for your well-being.

When there is attraction between friends, you may show excessive concern for the other's well-being. You are willing to help each other in situations where others would not, and even maybe you take care of each other when one of you is sick or need emotional support.

Introduction to friends and family.

If you introduce yourself to your friends and family in a way that suggests that you are more than just friends, it is a clear sign that there is romantic potential in the relationship. Can that you mention that the other person is special or important for you.

Signs of attraction between friends - Introduction to friends and family

Wanting to spend time alone.

If you always look for opportunities to be alone, it is a clear sign of attraction between friends. This could manifest itself in the organization of appointments or specific outings just for the two of you, rather than in larger groups.

Meaningful gifts.

If you're looking for signs of attraction between friends, look to see if you give each other special, meaningful gifts on occasions that aren't necessarily celebrations, like your birthday or holidays. These gifts may reflect extra effort to impress you. If you want to confirm your suspicions, in this article we answer your question: Do you like me or am I imagining it?

Envy or discomfort in your love relationships.

You are envious or uncomfortable with each other's love relationships. This may be a significant sign that there is a romantic attraction between you. You may compare yourself to the other's partner and feel that you could offer him or her something equal or better. In addition, you may notice some discomfort when you are close to your partner, so you avoid situations in which the other person is with him or her.

Signs of attraction between friends - Envy or discomfort in your romantic relationships

Change in personal appearance.

A change in personal appearance is a sign often seen when someone is romantically attracted to a friend. This sign implies that you pay more attention to your appearance. You may carry out notable changes in the way you dress, hair style, personal care and behavior in the presence of the other.

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