What is Human Talent Management and what is the area in charge of a company?

  • Jul 26, 2021
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In any company, it is necessary to keep the most productive employees active, a specific area of ​​each company is responsible for this, but, What really is talent management and who takes care of them? In the following article you can know the answer to this question.

In this article you will find:

What is talent management?

It is known as human talent management, to all those procedures that are responsible for motivating and encouraging all those employees who make a productive life of any company, who are the main human capital and who make the difference with respect to other workers in the company.


In addition to this, the talent management also takes care of adding or including new workers to your job, encouraging them to improve and creating new talents necessary for the company. Talent management is then that ability that companies or organizations have to attract, develop and maintain committed and trained workers for competent activities that the company required.

Human Talent Management


What are human talents?

The human talent, or also in other sites called human capital, are all those people who are and have the suitable conditions for an occupation and specific work, they are generally very intelligent people, who from the beginning do their job well. work.

These people have a better understanding and understanding of things related to their environment, in addition, they have the necessary capacity to respond to difficult problems and situations, since their abilities, experience and skills have been developed for that end.


Why should you manage talent?

According to confidential information from different companies, it is economically more productive to develop or train existing talent than even hire new employees, and this is known for following:

  • The time it takes for a worker to become competent for a job is approximately 6 months.
  • Having assurance that you are committed to the company can be feasible at least at 18 months.
  • Finally, for this newly hired person to know the fundamental activity of the company, at least 24 months must elapse.

Those are the three main reasons why the management of talent or human capital should be essential in every company, and it is a strategy that ends up bearing fruit, since the different benefits that he brings are for the same company, since in this way he takes on more human value and economic.


Who is in charge of managing talent?

In order to manage human talentof a company, it is necessary to have people trained for this work, it must be a studied team, with a vision of future, competent and willing to take the quality of the company to another level through their workers. Talent managers have the following functions:

  • At the economic level, they are responsible for answering for the wages and salaries of the workers who are being trained or who are the main human capital of the company.
  • A group should focus primarily on the training and development of new talents, either through contracts or incentives that motivate staff.
  • Workers must also be continuously evaluated including performance, adaptation, and recruitment.
  • Managers must ensure the good health of their talent, carry out annual physical exams where their physical and mental stability is confirmed.
  • In addition, they must provide the time they deserve for dynamic, recreational activities, among others.

These functions are designed to keep human talent capable and within the limits of normality, fit and competent for their functions.


How to manage human talent?

For some companies, talent management may be a new topic, we give you some keys that you must follow so that the management area of ​​your company works effectively on this issue.

To plan

It is necessary from the beginning, the planning of the work of the human talent to be captured, in this way each one will have a specific purpose.


The company must have the ability to captivate people who consider human capital for their company, since ultimately the benefits are for their project.

To incorporate

Strategies must also be designed that allow workers to be included in the activities of the organization, so that they see themselves as productive and necessary in it.


Once the personnel have been trained, each one of them must be constantly evaluated, this in order not to lower the level of training they already have, on the contrary, this forces them to prepare better in their day to day.

Create leaders

The important thing about talent management is to train leading workers, so that they are only oriented to increase the quality of the skills they already have.

Recognize work

An effective method of having excellent human capital is the process of recognizing the work of employees, either through activities or actions that motivate them to achieve success in everything moment.


Develop or train people who perform the most important tasks, through courses, research work, among others that make them grow intellectually.


Finally, it is extremely necessary to retain human talent already trained, to create a work environment in which each of the workers can feel proud of their job.

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