8 Things You Should Know About VPNs

  • Jul 26, 2021

We know that the internet is very broad and houses all kinds of information, that is why most users use a VPN to protect data and ensure privacy, especially when it comes to public networks.

In this article we will mention 8 facts about VPNs that you probably did not know. In addition, we want to facilitate the search for the best VPN, since it is a wide market (more and more in recent years) and with many options available.


In this article you will find:

Benefits of Using a VPN Are They Worth It?

This technology is a safe and efficient way to browse the web, you won't have to worry so much about your information. These are some benefits of using a VPN:


  • Access music or videos blocked in your country.
  • Save money on flights or tickets to tourist destinations, there are countries where ticket prices are cheaper, if you connect to them you will get these benefits.
  • Access the resources of your virtual campus from home. Some universities limit access to exclusive content such as libraries, digitized archives, among others, to campus networks. By connecting to your own university's VPN, you will be able to access this content from your home, and it is completely legal.
  • Access blocked social networks in your country.
  • It allows you to use the public networks of cafes, airports, hotels, etc. With greater security. A VPN connection will keep your information encrypted and therefore safe.

8 facts you might not know about VPNs

We recommend that you know these 8 important points, before you start using a VPN service.

1. Does using a VPN prevent you from being hacked?

There is a belief that a VPN makes you untouchable, and to some extent it is true. If it is possible that experienced hackers can hack you, but it is much more complicated, since modify your IP address, encrypt data and hide you from third parties. It is definitely much safer to use a VPN if you want to avoid hacks.


2. VPNs let you bypass location limitations

Surely it has happened to you that you want to access pages or certain content and it is not available in your country. With a VPN service you can bypass these restrictions and access any type of content.

3. 30 countries banned VPNs

Countries with authoritarian laws are not very happy with the service provided by a VPN, so that prohibit their use in order to have complete control over the practices they carry out in Internet. Some of these countries are North Korea, Vietnam, China, Iran, among others.


4. You can save money with a VPN

VPNs allow you save money on subscriptions by being able to access promotions available in other countries. You just have to find the location with the best price and access these benefits. You can get these benefits on pages like Netflix, in addition to being able to purchase exclusive content from certain regions.

5. A VPN is reliable and your data is safe

Some people have the belief that VPN keep logs that they send to government authorities. In reality, the data it collects is used to improve the user experience. If there may be cases in which certain countries require these records from providers, but it is not usual.


6. They do not guarantee 100% anonymity

While some services guarantee that browsing is completely anonymous, it is not total. Pages can identify your IP address, nothing to worry about, since they are not services whose purpose is to reveal your identity.

7. Not all VPNs are paid

As a consumer you have a wide collection of Free VPN to choose from, although these usually have ads and certain limitations, for example, they do not allow you to connect to many servers or may have slow speeds due to the number of people connected.

They can also be more vulnerable to hacker attacks, or the IP addresses used are more likely to be filtered or blocked by some websites.

8. Its operation is similar to a firewall

VPNs use tunnel encryption to verify all the information that travels between servers, this means that viruses cannot reach your computer easily. VPNs protect networks by making them untraceable, alter the IP address and therefore the geographical location.

What is the best VPN?

The best VPN It will always be the one that best suits your needs, so it is good to evaluate all the features it has to offer.

To make this task much easier, we recommend reading comparative articles or reviews of the best encrypted VPNs, some pages focus on the analysis and advice of these services, to make it much easier to decide on one.

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