How to forget a married man

  • Jul 26, 2021
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How to forget a married man

It is never easy to forget a person who is special to you for some reason, however, there may be a compelling reason to make this decision, even feeling the effect of falling in love. When you have come to the conclusion that you do not want to be more involved in the bond with a man married, this firm decision to forget him is your main motivation to start this process of I forget.

¿How to forget a married man? In Psychology-Online we give you ideas to prevent these situations and accept the reality of the facts.

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  1. How to forget a married man who works with me
  2. Five tips to forget about a married man if you still love him
  3. 5 reasons to forget and leave a married man

How to forget a married man who works with me.

The level of complexity increases when you share a common professional environment with that person. what to do in that case? How to forget a married man who works with me?

1. Reduce communication to the bare minimum

If you are part of the same team, you will have to address common issues because you are both involved in the action plan. However, you can limit your interaction with that man to the essentials of that question, without give room to share more personal aspects or more time in common during the break from the office.

You cannot change the circumstances of the professional environment (unless your decision is to change jobs), however, you can change your attitude towards that person. Is there where you can increase your inner freedom so that the decision to forget him is a turning point for you. A turning point that is supported by the realization that your desire is to forget him even though you now feel something special. Reduce eye contact in your professional interaction with that person.

2. Reality versus imagination

From the point of view of the imagination, you can fantasize with an unlimited catalog of scenes, sequences and moments in which that forbidden love has a happy ending, however, it lands on the reality of the facts to observe what is the objective situation.

If you decide to talk about this topic with someone, do so with a person who you absolutely trust. If you prefer not to discuss it with a friend, you can choose a psychologist to discuss the matter.

Imagination also increases from the reinforcement of the idealization that arises from a secret love. However, that man has flaws, like any other person. Here we show you how to stop idealizing someone.

3. Shift the focus of attention

In the professional setting, you can divert your attention to daily work goals, networking, taking a new training course or your companionship with the rest of the team. When your position changes, your reality in the office changes.

How to forget a married man - How to forget a married man who works with me

Five tips to forget about a married man if you still love him.

When we fall in love with the wrong person, it is normal to feel ourselves in a sea of ​​doubts, how can we forget a man who does not love me?what is a lover to a married man? However, the main objective of this whole process is to be able to leave this feeling behind and to be able to continue with our life peacefully.

How gain self-confidence to achieve this purpose?

  1. Connect with suffering that this situation produces you. Listen to that feeling because, beyond the mirage of illusion of certain moments, that pain remain when you want to give your heart to someone who does not correspond to you in the same circumstances. This suffering is exhausting. And to end this pain, if that love is unfeasible, the best thing for you is to walk away.
  2. Think of you and practice healthy selfishness to listen to your needs. This type of situation takes much more from you than it does if you feel deeply in love. There is a feeling that is synonymous with happiness: inner tranquility. However, this love robs you of this calm because it makes you live pending expectations that are never fulfilled. That is, they divert you from your own center.
  3. In order to assume someone doesn't love you, do something that marks a inflection point in that story, a turn that represents an anchor of strength for you. For example, organize a trip focused on the goal of reflecting and getting away from your routine for a few days.
  4. You deserve better than living waiting for that person to make a decision if this decision is postponed to infinity and this wait becomes endless. Don't paralyze your life for anyone.
  5. Although your social circle is not a participant in what happens to you, you can find a refuge in your family and friends, by increasing contact during this time because being with them is nutritious for you.
How To Forget A Married Man - Five Tips To Forget A Married Man If You Still Love Him

5 reasons to forget and leave a married man.

In the inner dialogue From a person who is in love with a married man there may be a tendency to look for a little hope in exceptions to the norm. That is, in those loves that had an apparent similar scheme, however, they lived a happy ending. To increase motivation in the face of forgetting, it is advisable to be consistent with the reasons for forgetting a married man when he does not make a decision regarding you.

1. That man says it all with his deeds

It is painful that reality breaks your expectations, however, the facts are what they are. And it is not in your power to change them. He is about someone else, his story and his will.

2. Be happy

This infatuation takes you away from your own happiness because when you find yourself in that situation, you put the point of attention in the lack of what you lack and that pain prevents you from appreciating everything that do you have. To find psychological well-being it is important to forget a married man.

3. A bond of inequality

When a bond starts from a position of inequality between its protagonists, this affects the level of involvement of each one in that bond. Don't settle for less involvement than you'd like to have.

4. Don't confuse love with need

If you think that to be truly happy you need to be with that person because any alternative option will seems less perfect, so give yourself a chance to discover that no one but you has the power to change your lifetime. Forgetting that person is a gesture of self-love.

5. Do you want to do it

This is the most important reason, that is, if you have come to the conclusion that this is what you it is convenient to make, then, any excuse is less significant than that real purpose of passing page. It will not be easy, but it will surely be easier than you had imagined in your mind. And, most importantly, it is a possible target.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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