When to give up on love?

  • Jul 26, 2021
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When to give up on love?

There are sayings that are not entirely appropriate on an emotional level, such as the one that ensures that "the one who follows her gets it." The truth is that in love, you don't always win, you also lose. And defeat has nothing to do with oneself but with elements that transcend one's love insofar as it is a feeling that is not one hundred percent controllable by reason. Nobody decides who they fall in love with, therefore, from an ethical and human point of view, it is impossible to reproach someone who has not fallen in love and who does not correspond in the same way in their affections. And if it goes wrong, when is it right or necessary to give up?When to give up on love? We will talk about it below.

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  1. A personal decision
  2. Trust your intuition
  3. Only you do your part

A personal decision.

There is an inherent freedom in the feeling that is the one that really gives it strength. When to give up on love? This answer you can only discover it yourself

based on your circumstances, your desire to love, your strength and your faith in your story. In fact, the more you give, the more you discover the truth for yourself. That is, you have more capacity to realize if you are reciprocated or not. Knowing the truth, and admitting it, also helps you stay calm with yourself. It is much more painful for someone to get hooked on the past thinking about not knowing what would have happened if they took a risk. Real love is one who is brave and not so much that which is reciprocated or not. The first is up to you, the second is not.

Trust your intuition.

On the other hand, trust your intuition interior when it comes to ending a story.

Only you do your part.

The moment you see that if you do nothing, then there is no interaction between you and the other person, then become aware that you are immersed in a story that only has one direction.

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