What does it mean to DREAM about SCORPIONS

  • Sep 13, 2021
What does it mean to dream of scorpions

What meaning do scorpions have? Scorpions or scorpions are dangerous, enigmatic and intimidating animals. Its sting causes a terrible wound that, apart from being painful, can cause death. In addition, for some cultures this animal represents a very important symbol in the worldview, since it is related to cunning, power, darkness and the fight for survival. Be that as it may, the appearance of this arthropod in your dreams is something disconcerting that can cause a lot of distress.

For you to know what does it mean to dream of scorpionsIn this Psychology-Online article, you will find all the details you need. Specifically, we will talk about the meaning of dreaming about black and white scorpions, scorpions in your bed and even scorpions that sting. It is good that you pay attention to the interpretation of this dream, so that you can make the best decisions that will balance your interior.

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  1. What does it mean to dream of black scorpions
  2. What does it mean to dream of red scorpions
  3. What does it mean to dream of white scorpions
  4. What does it mean to dream of yellow scorpions
  5. What does it mean to dream of scorpions in bed
  6. What does it mean to dream of scorpions that sting

What does it mean to dream of black scorpions.

Dreaming of black scorpions is not the same as red, white or yellow. Therefore, we will see each of the meanings of dreaming about scorpions of each of those colors.

The presence of black scorpions in your dream has various interpretations. First of all, it is associated with your own self-perception. You are probably being very hard when judging you. It may be that you are pushing your capacities to the limit, so the subconscious tells you to stop for a moment. It is good that you evaluate the way in which you demand on your body and your mind. It is not bad to be demanding, just that you should not fall into abuse, because the results can be very bad.

Second, this dream has a positive connotation, because the black scorpion for many cultures is synonymous with prosperity. Therefore, it represents the arrival of very good things in your life. Perhaps it is an unexpected money or that you will do very well in an investment. The truth is that dreaming of a black scorpion can also be a good omen.

If you want to know more about black, in this article you can see the Meaning of the color black in psychology.

What does it mean to dream about scorpions - What does it mean to dream about black scorpions

What does it mean to dream of red scorpions.

If you dreamed of red scorpions it is a clear sign of danger. It not only refers to dangers from the outside, but to negative emotions or feelings that may be playing against you. In addition, this oneirism has several associated meanings, for example, it represents a desire for revenge that someone has towards you.

That is, someone is likely to want to harm you, because it is related to envy and greed. Analyze your environment of friends, and identify who is acting against you. Only then will you have the opportunity to stop a possible conflict.

Regarding the love environment, dreaming of red scorpions is associated with passion or the lack of it. Take into account that for the psychology of color, red represents love and passion. So, it may be that the couple's relationship is not going through its best moment and, even, the dream vision warns about a possible infidelity.

Here you can see the meaning has the color red in psychology.

What does it mean to dream about scorpions - What does it mean to dream about red scorpions

What does it mean to dream of white scorpions.

If you have had this dream, it is normal that you wonder what it means to dream of white scorpions. In this case, its interpretation will depend on whether or not the scorpion attacks you:

  • If the animal bites you, it means that a family member or a very close person can betray you, which will cause you great suffering.
  • Now, if you only saw white scorpions without them bothering you, the meaning changes radically. Since in this case it symbolizes the family protection and union that your family members have, where they are capable of doing whatever it takes to protect each other.

What does it mean to dream of yellow scorpions.

Dreaming of yellow scorpions has to do with someone who wants to steal the shine that you have achieved. He is someone close to him who cannot bear to see how you succeed or the way in which you win the affection of others. This is someone who is very envious of you and, therefore, will not hesitate to attack you to try to make you look bad.

Yellow in psychology it is associated, among other things, with wealth. Therefore, another of the meanings of this dream is that you are worried about some financial matters. It is possible that you invest a lot of energy in that subject, so it is also affecting other areas of your life. That is, this dream indicates the presence of obsession with money. If so, try to change your perspective, so that you achieve a balance in all aspects.

What does it mean to dream of scorpions - What does it mean to dream of yellow scorpions

What does it mean to dream of scorpions in bed.

Do you want to know what it means to dream of scorpions in bed? This dream is related to problems of a love or family nature. If you dream that there is a scorpion on your bed, it represents that they may be happening communication problems with your partner, and this is affecting the sexual life of the couple.

On the other hand, if the scorpion was walking under your bed, it has to do with discomfort in the family or even with the presence of a hidden enemy. Be careful with those around you. It would not hurt to have some caution when entrusting your things to others. Remember that not everyone can be trusted.

What does it mean to dream of scorpions that sting.

What does it mean to dream that someone is stung by a scorpion? This type of dream can have different meanings. One of them is the arrival of a possible betrayal or infidelity. Also, it refers to the fact that you may suffer some discomfort or illness. Therefore, you must be alert to your health and lifestyle habits, since you could be committing some kind of excesses and you have not noticed it.

Now, if in your dream you managed to kill the scorpion that struck you, it is a sign that you are going to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way. It represents that you will make good investments or that you will get the recognition you deserve for the effort you have made. In short, dreaming that you kill the scorpion that stung you, means that you will be able to defeat your enemies and achieve success.

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