Business administration definition

  • Jul 26, 2021
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Business Administration a term that produces both fear, respect and, in some cases, even certain doubts about what this expression specifically refers to. And it is that the only thing worldwide associated with a company administrator is that it is a position of great relevance, since money always goes hand in hand with his functions.

business administration definition

However, something more complex would be to talk about the Business administration definition, for which perhaps it would be more complex to find an agreement. It is not something that concerns only today in which to think about the board of directors of a business is thinking about the people who make economic decisions, but how do they do that in concrete? And, more importantly, how do you translate those decisions into benefits?

In this article you will find:

History of the definition of business administration

The basic definition of the company, with its objectives, may not have varied much throughout history, but it did. has done in terms of functions, means and resources, today companies are structured in more complex networks, the functions of the

Business administration have also been developed.

Before companies arrived and a management plan was necessary, this discipline already had forms of application in different cultures and peoples in which they existed administrators or managers who were in charge of planning the expenditure of resources to favor the welfare of society.


In the origins of modern companies, the Business administration definition It was rather focused on the management of personnel and resources to obtain the objectives of the company, among which was the maximum profit. From a theoretical point of view, this vision of the definition of the administration has changed a lot, but, yes, in terms of legality and the action of the Council of Administration and administrators, since they are no longer the ones who make decisions and direct, but will have to present reports, projects and statements to the board of directors of the company.

Business Administration definition

Of the Business Administration, definition could be given from the fact that this discipline aims to organization of resources human, material, real estate, technical and economic to achieve the goals that the company intends, among which can be identified business growth, achieving customers, increasing business assets and, of course, obtaining the maximum benefit.


But these resources must be structured in a strategy plan taking into account different aspects (specific to the company and the market in which it works). Therefore, the company Administration plan is divided into plans with short, medium and long objectives term.

Although there are many definitions of company administration and that each business can define the range of action of the company administrators In terms of functions and responsibility, all of them imply obtaining the maximum benefit using the minimum resources.


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