I know he likes me but he DIDN'T TELL ME ANYTHING, why and what to do?

  • Jul 26, 2021
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I know he likes me but he doesn't tell me, why and what to do?

The strong attraction to a person can provoke various reactions in the subject, from "acting strangely" to paralyzing. The truth is that it is difficult to find the ideal way to take that first step. It can be very frustrating to know that someone likes you and that someone is also attracted to you, but nothing else happens. If you have already made sure that you are not misinterpreting the signals and you have already given some indications of corresponding, but still there is no progress, you are in the right place. Psicologia-Online puts at your disposal all the information you need for those moments where you think: "I know he likes me but he doesn't tell me anything, why and what to do?".

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  1. Why does a person avoid someone they like?
  2. Signs that he likes you but is hiding
  3. What to do when neither of you takes the plunge?

Why does a person avoid someone they like?

If he likes me, why does he avoid me? Why does he ignore me, if I know he likes me? We see what reasons lead a person to avoid the man or woman they like:

  • The most common reason for this is because of shyness. Most of the time, when someone avoids the person they like, it is because they are a shy person who lacks the tools to take the first step in an interaction.
  • Fear of rejection. It should be noted that when one person is attracted to another, the pressure to do their best and the fear of rejection, they can play a "trick" on him and become immobile or neutralized, without doing anything about that person who like.
  • Unsafety. In addition to shyness, insecurity may be having its way with that person. And it is that, although someone seems very self-confident and even somewhat arrogant, he may feel internally insecure of his social skills and tools when approaching a person who upsets you due to the great attraction that she feels.
  • Lack of emotional intelligence or social skills. In general terms, emotional intelligence, knowing what emotion you feel and how to express it appropriately, seems to be something simple, but many people do not have these skills that are fundamental and this can also cause the subject in question to resort to avoidance with flight due to lack of tools and not due to lack of interest.

In the case of any of these reasons, it is not within your power to handle these situations, since they are internal factors that that person must solve on their own. Therefore, it is key to your well-being that you know how far you reach when it comes to interpersonal relationships, because despite your many or great efforts, an interaction does not flourish if the other individual does not react or respond to stimuli, in this case, to your Actions.

Signs that he likes you but is hiding.

If he ignores you, is it because he is interested in you? How do you know if he really likes you, even though he avoids you? These signals can be confusing at times because they are not always picked up correctly or not always transmitted correctly. That is why in this section you will find a short but solid list that can help you to know if you are actually Like you, but he / she is hiding it, so it will be a bit easier for you to decipher or confirm if there really is attraction. Among the most common signs, you will perceive things like:

  • Contact. Although he avoids you, he does not lose contact with you.
  • Picture. Take care of his image before you.
  • Attention. Make sure someone else doesn't steal your attention.
  • Places. He frequents the same places or social circles as you.
  • Amiability. She's being nice to you, whether she notices it or not. Or quite the opposite, which can be a way to disguise that he likes you.

Here you can see the 10 clearer signs someone likes you.

What to do when neither of you takes the plunge?

This is a subjective matter, since each person conducts the situations that are presented to him according to his ideas and capacities. However, it is positive that you take into account a couple of things before deciding what to do when neither of you dares to take the step: identify what depends on you and what does not depend on you, then take action based on the circumstances that are within your reach. It is important to recognize that there are limits and limitations, this will make things easier for you when taking decisions in addition to reducing the levels of frustration that can arise when results are not obtained desired.

Take the iniciative

If you are sure that he / she is interested in you and you are in him / her but despite your clear signals, he / she does not dare to take the first step, it would be logical for you to take it your. You will need some courage and a simple but firm strategy. These days, it no longer matters so much who starts, but to start and do it clearly, thus avoiding misunderstandings. It should be noted that taking the first step does not mean looking intense or desperate, but consists of open a door through clear actions (such as asking for her phone number or saying hello first to start a conversation) that give the other person the opportunity to show her interest in you. Here we explain how to start a conversation with a person you like.


If the case is that you do not feel willing to have the initiative, you will probably have to wait a little longer or you are left wondering what would have happened? commented previously, most of the time, when someone avoids who they like, it is about intrinsic matters that are not within the reach of someone else sort out.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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